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Chief of Intergovernmental Relations

Michael R. Lane - Chief of Intergovernmental Relations Michael R. Lane | Chief of Intergovernmental Relations

Scope of Responsibilities

The Office of Intergovernmental Relations is the Illinois Department of Corrections contact for the Illinois General Assembly, the Illinois Congressional delegation and all other state and local officials. The office's responsibility is to serve as a resource for elected officials who are seeking responses for their constituents from IDOC on various matters. Intergovernmental Relations strives to fulfill this function in a timely and responsive manner.

Intergovernmental Relations also tracks, monitors and proposes legislation on behalf of IDOC. The office reviews all legislative proposals impacting the agency and solicits input from the appropriate staff and the director before submitting the department's position to the legislature.

Intergovernmental Relations works closely with other state agencies of the Governor's Legislative Office to ensure that all legislative proposals are thoroughly examined according to their ability to enhance or improve the efficiency of the agency.​​