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Illinois Correctional Industries

Illinois Correctional Industries (ICI) mission is to provide inmates with the skills and training necessary to be successful upon release from prison. ICI performs this objective at no cost to the taxpayers of Illinois. The revenue ICI generates from the sale of its products fully funds its entire operation. ICI currently has programs operating in 19 facilities that produce a variety of products and provide various services. These products and services include food, milk and juice, clothing, office and university furniture, eyeglasses, mattresses and pillows, and service dog training, just to name a few. The industry programs situated throughout the state are featured on the map below. 

It is with this goal in mind that ICI continues to focus on inmate rehabilitation. Over 950 men and women offenders are voluntarily employed in meaningful work situations that aid in developing useable skills and positive work habits. Each day, they come to their job and learn how to work with others in many situations. They take direction from ICI supervisors and help teach peers new skills, while learning techniques for success at the same time. It is through the development of these work habits that inmates prepare themselves for the challenges of post-release employment.

To qualify as an ICI worker, inmates must demonstrate good disciplinary status; have received a positive review by Internal Affairs; and meet the facility time standard on time left on sentence. Inmates with life sentences are not employed by ICI.

Illinois Correctional Industries sells goods that affect many Illinois communities. For example, in Fiscal Year 2010, Dixon Correctional Industries sold more than 361,000 pairs of eyeglasses and earned gross revenues of almost $10.2 million. The Illinois Department of Health and Human Services purchased more than 350,000 pairs of eyeglasses for low income families, adults as well as children. 

For more information visit the Illinois Correctional Industries (ICI) website.


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