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Decatur Correctional Center Sustainability 

The Decatur Correctional Center has been recycling materials with the help from Macon County for many years. We recycled all plastics, cans cardboard, light bulbs, ballasts, and batteries through the city’s solid waste management department. Due to the recent budget cuts in Macon County we can no longer utilize this opportunity. We have found a private vendor for our plastics and utilizing the State master contract for condemned appliances and scrap metal.
Trays of plants in the Decatur Correctional Center greenhouse

Our greenhouse is in operation and houses many seedling plants that are ready to be planted in our gardens. We propagate the seeds each year; so we do not have to order seeds. We save seeds from year to year and when we have extras, we donate them to whoever may need them. Some of the staples produced in the garden are cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, onions, radishes, banana peppers, jalapenos, carrots with expansion to sweet potatoes and winder red potatoes this year.

Some of the residents with longer sentences are participating in
Tropical plants in the Decatur Correctional Center greenhouse
Plant a Row for the Hungry where they have a plot dedicated to items planted to be grown and harvested just for the community.

They also do a facility farmer’s market, with bedding plants and some garden produce, for the staff to purchase from in order to raise money for the Employee Benefit Fund and the Inmate Benefit Fund to purchase necessary supplies for the future gardens.
The water trolley fitted with a 65 gallon water tank

The facility and sustainability team are working diligently to expand our rain barrel pilot project. Currently we use a 65 gallon water tank which sits in the bed of a ground crew vehicle. We can fill it (providing it rains) from a downspout from the warehouse dock. The expansion includes incorporating three laundry soap barrels into the down spouts in this area to store the rainwater; the facility carpenter is building a platform for the barrels to sit on. We can then simply drain the laundry barrels into the 65 gallon tank easily.