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Deputy Chief - Parole District 2 - 5

Angela Chaney | Acting Deputy Chief Parole District 2 - 5 ​​

Angela Chaney was named acting deputy chief of Parole Districts 2-5 on July 3, 2017. In her position, she oversees supervision of parole staff and parolees in 99 of 102 counties in Illinois.

A veteran of the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), Chaney has served the department since 1985. She began serving with the Parole Division in 2005 as the East St. Louis parole commander. She also served as internal audit control liaison for the division and additionally took lead role in creating the Policies and Procedural Manual for Parole, where she maintained, updated and uploaded policies for statewide staff availability. In 2015, she was named acting chief warrant officer for the Parole Division, which required oversite of some 28,000 parolees under various supervision levels. Chaney has worked closely with local, state and federal agencies to ensure utmost compliance within the Parole Division.

Chaney also has been a DUI service provider since 2012. During her career, she has served at various correctional facilities that include Shawnee, Big Muddy River, Vienna and Southwestern Illinois correctional centers and Dixon Springs Boot Camp and has held positions that include correctional officer, correctional counselor, casework supervisor, clinical services supervisor and assistant warden of programs, respectfully.

Chaney earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Since 1991, she has been a certified substance abuse counselor through Illinois Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc.​​​​​​​​​​​