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James R. Thompson Center Sustainability 

In 2012, a Go Green James R. Thompson Center (JRTC) Committee was formed to support green initiatives and sustainable best practices through responsible management of resources used at the IDOC JRTC offices. In an effort to educate the IDOC employees at the JRTC on sustainability, a Go Green bag luncheon was held during Earth Week in April 2012. Topics of the luncheon included:
  • Review of the Department’s Sustainability Plan
  • How to improve recycling efforts in the JRTC
  • Specifics as to what can be recycled in the JRTC
  • How to participate in desk side recycling
  • Information regarding where the recycling bins are located
  • Tips on conserving paper usage
  • Tips on energy conservation while at the office
  • The Pepsi Dream Machine located in the JRTC Concourse
  • Advice on how to be more green in one’s personal life

In addition, to the Go Green bag luncheon, a desk side recycling information sheet was disseminated to the group.

Because the JRTC is a state building composed of many agencies, and located in downtown Chicago, many of initiatives undertaken by other IDOC freestanding facilities are not available to the Thompson Center. That being said, the employees are committed to doing their part in the office, and in their personal lives to promote sustainability in any way they can!

The JRTC has hand dryers installed in the bathrooms, and the paper towels were removed, cutting down on the waste.
Recycling basics are displayed in the bathrooms