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Logan Correctional Center Sustainability 

Flowers at the Illinois State Fairgrounds grown by Logan Correctional Center
Logan and Lincoln Correctional Centers have been recycling cardboard and tin cans since 2001; the balers are located at Lincoln CC. With the close proximity of the facilities we share a potable water supply, waste compactors, and a city sewage line.

Logan Correctional Center implemented five sewage reduction meters in 2002 to monitor the amount of water consumption not being sent back as sewage; in turn this reduced our monthly sewage cost considerably. We modified our menus and monitor what solids and suspended solids are sent to the sewer, which eliminated surcharges from the city sewer service.

In 2010 our coal fired power plant was renovated with the latest technology for boiler efficiency. We installed twelve frequency drives on motors within the plant, which reduced our monthly electric consumption.

The facility has a greenhouse and a garden maintained by the Horticulture class. Logan CC supplies flowers, trees and shrubs to the Illinois State Fair Grounds and Governors Mansion, which are planted by offender work crews.

Flowers grown by Logan Correctional Center for the Illinois Executive Mansion

The Maintenance department has developed an area for composting leaves and yard waste to be used for the vegetable and flower gardens.

Additional sustainable efforts at Logan Correctional Center include:

Sending ammo, brass shell casing, to the agency training academy to be recycled;

Collecting and sending waste cooking oil to Menard Correctional Center to be recycled into biodiesel and

Sending outdated paper files to the Illinois Department of Revenue's industrial paper shredder to be recycled.