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Pinckneyville Correctional Center Sustainability

Baled cardboard ready for recycling 
Baled cardboard ready for recycling

In March 2010 Pinckneyville Correctional Center implemented a recycling program for cardboard and plastics. Outdated paper files are taken to the Illinois Department Revenue's industrial shredder to be shredded and recycled. The facility purchased reusable offender plastic meal trays with lids to be used during lockdown status rather than using styrofoam; this is not only a cost effective measure but also an environmentally friendly one. Menard CC is recycling Pinckneyville CC's old waste vegetable oil into biodiesel. Used motor oil and tires are sent to Central Management Services (CMS) to be recycled. Electronics are recycled by a vendor in Flora, Illinois and the CMS Warehouse in Springfield. Ammo (brass shell casing) is sent to the Training Academy to be recycled.

Offenders planting the garden at Du Quoin IIP 
Offenders planting the garden at Du Quoin IIP

Pinckneyville CC received seeds from the department's central seed repository located at Menard CC. These have been planted in the greenhouse for the use by Du Quoin Impact Incarceration Program (IIP) and Pinckneyville CC. Over the past several years Du Quoin IIP has done excellent job raising a garden. The food raised in the garden is used by the dietary staff, which reduces food costs and provides healthy meals for both staff and offenders.

The Du Quoin IIP is located on the grounds of the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds. There is a small creek that flows from one of the ponts on the fairgrounds through the boot camp. Boot Camp offcners dip water from this creek and use it to water the garden on grounds.

In order to reign in some of the facility's energy costs Pinckneyville CC replaced all the cell house washers (70) and dryers (70) to higher energy efficient machines in December 2010. Since installing the washers and dryers Pinckneyville CC has realized average quarterly savings of 1.7% KWH at an appoximate savings of $3,378.56 per quarter for energy. Water and sewer average quarterly savings of 3.97% have been achieved, at a savings of $8,415.90 per quarter.

Our future plans are to purchase fuel efficient cars to replace vans in the fleet.

Waste vegetable oil collection to be
made into biodiesel.
Pinckneyville Correctional
Center greenhouse
New cell house washer and dryer