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Robinson Correctional Center Sustainability 

Robinson Correctional Center has participated in some sort of recycling effort since the facility was built in 1991. What began with range brass and batteries, Robinson CC’s sustainability plan now includes the recycling of toner cartridges, motor oil, vegetable oil, wood pallets, scrap metal, fluorescent bulbs and electronic ballasts. In 2009, RCC began bailing cardboard and tin cans from the Dietary Department. With cooperation from our trash vendor, RCC was able to purchase a bailer for bundling purposes and paid for the bailer in a matter of 18 months. Currently, RCC recycles approximately 9 tons of cardboard, 7000 lbs of metal and 100 lbs of plastic each month.

In 2011, the recycling of plastic, shredded paper and white paper was started by staff. And in April of 2012, plastic recycling extended to the housing units in order for offenders to participate in our recycling efforts. Shredded paper from the facility is donated to the Crawford County Humane Shelter for use in bedding. White paper and plastic is taken to the Crawford County Recycling Center; and IT electronics are sent to Secure Processors in Flora, IL while non-IT electronics are delivered to the CMS warehouse for recycling. 
A bale of tin cans at Robinson Correctional Center
The beginning of a tree farm at RCC for the use at Illinois rest areas and storm ravaged areas.
A maintenance worker sorts the various items to be baled for recycling at Robinson Correctional Center
Another sustainability project underway at RCC is our Tree Project partnership with IDOT and DNR. RCC Horticulture students are planting approximately 1000 saplings supplied by DNR to produce 5’-7’ trees during this 3-year venture. RCC will maintain the tree farm for IDOT to utilize as trees are needed at rest areas, new off/on ramps, or storm-ravaged areas. Robinson CC has partnered with IDOT since 2003 in growing potted plants and wildflowers for its offices. That partnership has continued to expand as we now also grow native plants and grasses for various rest areas in the state of Illinois.

Besides IDOT and DNR, other correctional facilities as well as area schools have benefited from RCC’s Greenhouses. Lawrence CC, Shawnee CC and Vandalia CC have picked up truck-loads of flowers, grasses and vegetable plants for their own sustainability projects. RCC was able to donate considerable amounts of native flowers to all Crawford County Schools in addition to
Potted plants ready for Illinois Department of Transportation.  One of the facility's three greenhouses can be seen in the distance.
Allendale Grade School this year.

Robinson Correctional Center continues to look at innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint in Southeastern Illinois. Recycled pallets are being fashioned into compost bins in order to utilize organic waste from Dietary and Food Service. Finished compost will then be used by Horticulture for the growing season. Rain barrels have also been purchased from ICI in order to conserve water for the plants during the hot summer months. The RCC Sustainability Committee meets regularly and takes recommendations and suggestions from staff and the community in order to reduce waste, recycle and reuse.