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John R. Baldwin | Acting Director

John Baldwin was named director of the Illinois Department of Corrections August 14, 2015, by Governor Bruce Rauner. Director Baldwin is responsible for overseeing the management and operations of more than 35 Illinois state prisons, work camps, boot camps and transition centers as well as the supervision of parolees.

Baldwin brings more than 35 years of overall experience to the position. As director of the Illinois Department of Corrections, he oversees a staff of nearly 11,600 employees, an offender population of 44,400 and a parole population of 28,000.

In addition to his leadership as director, he is moving the agency forward in areas of mental health, core correctional practices, technological upgrades in staff training, programming reemphasis in evidence-based practices that include education, vocational, Industries, life skills and data systems that provide decision-making information to staff.

Prior to joining the Illinois Department of Corrections, Baldwin served as Iowa’s corrections director as well as deputy director of administration. Baldwin holds a master’s degree in political science from Iowa State University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Iowa.

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