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Electronic Messaging Services

Note: This service will only be available at the following pilot sites: Big Muddy River CC, Decatur CC, Menard CC, Shawnee CC, Vandalia CC and Vienna CC. New Sites added: Centralia CC, Graham CC, Kewanee CC, and TaylorvilleCC. Specific start dates for other facilities will be posted soon.

Friends and family members can now communicate with inmates using an electronic messaging system. The messages can be created and sent through Global Tel* Link’s (GTL) ConnectNetwork.com. They’ll be printed and delivered to the inmates, just like regular mail. All messages will be screened and monitored in accordance with Illinois Department of Corrections mail policies.

Global Tel* Link is the only provider of this service to Illinois Department of Corrections inmates.
Visit http://www.gtl.net/illinois-doc-inmate-services/ to register or get more information.

How much does it cost for an inmate to receive an electronic message?

Please refer to the GTL website http://www.gtl.net/illinois-doc-inmate-services/ for the costs related to this service.

Can inmates send electronic messages?

Inmates cannot send messages at this time; however, the department will be offering two-way messaging in the near future. Once two-way messaging is in place, an offender will only be able to send an electronic message to people who have previously sent him/her an electronic message. A civilian will be able to block electronic messages from inmates at any time.

How long will it take for the inmate to receive the message once it has been sent?

Electronic messages to inmates are subject to review in the same way as mail received through the United States Post Office. After the review is complete, electronic messages will be printed and delivered through the IDOC’s regular mail delivery process.

How do I know if I can send an inmate a message?

To be eligible for the service, an offender must be in A grade.

Do I need to be on an approved list?

Generally no, however; please review the IDOC Administrative Code on Processing Mail Administrative Rule 525 Subpart 120 Processing Mail.