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The goal of the Summit of Hope events is public safety through reduced recidivism. The events provide community expos of services and support to encourage and supply those reentering into society with the tools needed to become crime-free responsible members of society. The Summit of Hope is an invitation only event for those local parolees in each community. The event is designed to bring the community together, gather all the resources available, and put them under one roof in providing a one-stop environment where parolees can obtain the necessary assistance to move past the barriers which prevent them from success.

The Summit of Hope is a community expo that will bring service providers together to provide the necessary services and resources to ex-offenders with the mission to guide and assist ex-offenders with community services to ensure reintegration into the community while reducing recidivism. This approach is not only a very time efficient way to reach a high risk population but it also provides added value by meeting the many needs of those who have just been released. These are individuals who are trying to become productive members of their communities, and the services available to them will often be the difference between success and failure.


Each participant is assisted by a volunteer who guides each parolee through the maze of services and exhibits. Services that will be offered include: State identification, counseling, transportation, food, clothing, shelter, child support services, primary health care referrals, screening for blood pressure, vision, HIV testing and care, veterans’ information, Social Security Administration, employment services, mock interviews, education/training services and a variety of other social service agencies and you. Numerous faith-based organizations will also lend a helping hand to assist this group to get back on the right track and to stay there.

Local State Parole and Federal Parole invite those under supervision to attend. Reaching out to this group will help eliminate the obstacles and expedite each individual’s chance to become a positive member of their community.

By the end of the day, the participants should be well equipped with the many needed resources, referrals and materials to be well on their way to a successful life!

The Summit of Hope Mission statement came from one of the parolees who wrote in the comment section of his evaluation, "Please continue to give hope to those of us who have lost our hope."