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Elgin Treatment Center


Kelley Lawshea, Assistant Warden

Facility Data

Elgin Treatment Center
Opened: April 2018
*Operational Capacity: 56
Multilevel Security Adult Males and Females
**Population: 16
Average Annual Cost Per Offender: $450,021 (FY20)

*Operational capacity is the maximum amount of beds a facility has; to include all health care, crisis, segregation, protective custody, isolation, R&Cs, and future beds that are down for repair. Data reflects a bed space capacity census that was conducted in CY19.

**As of 1/1/21


The facility is on Administrative Quarantine with no visits. Phone calls and video visits will continue as normal.

Visitor ADA Accommodations

IDOC Visitation Rules and Information—please review before visiting

Visitors to any correctional facility will be required to produce photo identification and verification of date of birth. Please be sure to bring 2 forms of identification with you; these would include a current photo ID such as a driver’s license, a state ID card, government ID card, military ID/driver’s license, or acceptable documentation of non-U.S. citizenship including a current Passport, or Visa, documentation must contain the visitor’s date of birth. Expired forms of identification will not be accepted. Visitors will also be required to provide vehicle information and other pertinent data, such as government identification, official credentials, attorney registration, and or law student certification.

Elgin Treatment Center

Saturday and Sunday: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Visitors must arrive at the Main Gate no later than 6:30 pm

No visitors will be processed between the hours of 2 pm – 5 pm due to shift change and programming.

The maximum visit will be two (2) hours in length per visit, unless approved as an extended visit.

Please note, should overcrowding occur, time limits will be established so all visits may be accommodated.

Additional Information for All Visits

  • You should have the Patient’s IDOC number when you visit the facility to assist in the visitor check-in process. You can locate the IDOC Patient number on the “Inmate Search” of the Illinois Department of Corrections website. If you don’t have the IDOC Patient number, your processing could be delayed.

  • If you are planning on visiting the Elgin Treatment Center your name must appear on the Patient’s approved visiting list.

  • If you have been convicted of an offense other than a minor traffic violation (i.e. speeding, traffic light, seat belt, etc.) you must obtain the Warden’s written authorization prior to any visit. You can obtain authorization by writing to the Warden at the address provided below. In your letter you must outline the circumstance(s) of your conviction, status of probation and or parole and any pending judicial determination. Your cooperation will assist the facility in determining your visiting privileges at the Elgin Treatment Center and will avoid unnecessary travel to the facility.

  • Cell phones are prohibited from entering the facility. You must secure your phone in your vehicle and cannot be stored at the facility.

  • Items that a visitor may possess inside of the Visiting Room at Elgin Treatment Center;

    • a)   Adult visitor, excluding legal visitor


        (1) One vendor debit card not to exceed $50 in value


        (2) One jacket or coat appropriate for current weather conditions

        (3) Religious headgear approved in accordance with 20 Ill. Adm. Code 525

        (4) Lifesaving medication (heart medication or asthma pump (inhaler).

        Any required medication shall be delivered to and held by the Unit Control Officer on either unit.

      b)   Infant or toddler


        (1) Two (2) diapers and a small stack of wipes (no container)


        (2) Two (2) filled clear plastic bottles or “sippy” cup

        (3) One pacifier

        (4) One coat or jacket

        (5) One blanket (weather permitting)

Facility Address

Elgin Treatment Center

750 South State Street

Elgin, IL 60123

Phone: 847-608-3054

Fax: 847-608-3062

Facility Information

The Elgin Treatment Center will serve as a secured mental health inpatient treatment facility for convicted adult males and females designated with a severe mental illness. The adult multiple-security (including maximum-security) facility is comprised of two treatment units – one for males and one for females. The 44-bed facility has a treatment capacity for 22 male and 22 female patients receiving psychiatric care. Each unit has a patient day room, outdoor recreational space, several treatment rooms, and areas to conduct individual and group sessions and a soothing room. Additionally, each unit provides access to auxiliary aids and services for patients who display or voice the need for disability accommodations.