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Logan Correctional Center


Jean Marie Case, Warden

Facility Data

Logan Correctional Center
Opened: January 1978
*Operational Capacity: 1,667
Multi-level Security Female
**Population Logan Correctional Center: 1,054
**Population Logan Reception & Classification Center: 17
**Total Population: 1,071
Average Annual Cost Per Offender: $42,851 (FY20)

*Operational capacity is the maximum amount of beds a facility has; to include all health care, crisis, segregation, protective custody, isolation, R&Cs, and future beds that are down for repair. Data reflects a bed space capacity census that was conducted in CY19.

**As of 1/1/21

Logan Correctional Center is the parent institution for Logan Reception Classification Center.


The facility is on lockdown with limited visits. Please call the facility for visiting status.

Visitor ADA Accommodations

IDOC Visitation Rules and Information—please review before visiting

The Illinois Department of Corrections is implementing a multi-phase plan to resume in-person visits as safely as possible. The number of visitors per two and a half-hour time slot are limited to ensure social distancing measures are closely followed. Phase 3, which takes effect January 31, 2022, requires proof of vaccination, an approved vaccination exemption, or a vaccination exemption under review by IDOC to enter an Illinois Department of Corrections facility. To visit Logan Correctional Center, you must sign up at least seven days in advance.

Video Visitation

Video visitation hours are Sunday through Saturday 9:00a to 11:00a and 5:00p to 8:00p. Visitors should log on 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Video Visitation Guidelines

Facility Address

Business Mail:
1096 1350th Street
P.O. Box 1000
Lincoln, IL 62656

Inmate Mail:
Inmate Name & IDOC#
P.O. Box 1000
Lincoln, IL 62656

Phone: (217) 735-5581
Fax: (217) 735-1077

Facility Information

It is the mission of the Logan Correctional Center to provide appropriate custodial care, a continuum of programs and services for the female offender in a safe and humane environment.  The center's goal is to address the special needs of the female offender, as well as provide education, vocational, and industrial-based programming that willl enhance and support skill building within an entrepreneurial approach.  The center's mission is to provide independence for the female offender and her dependents.

Logan Correctional Center is located in Lincoln, 30 miles north of Springfield. Logan's living units consist of seven E-style units, three C-style units, one X-house, a segregation unit and a 15-bed infirmary health care unit. The facility encompasses 150 acres with 57 acres enclosed by fencing.  Logan Correctional Center serves a multifaceted population consisting of reception and classification, segregation, protective custody and mental health units as well as a state-of-the-art medical facility designated to provide care to pregnant and critically or terminally ill female offenders.

Inmate Programs


  • ABE (Adult Basic Education)
  • Pre GED (General Education Development)
  • GED (General Education Development)
  • Nail Technology 
  • Cosmetology
  • Hair Braiding


  • Construction Occupation
  • College Associate Degree
  • Career Technology
  • Food Services
  • Horticulture


  • Recycling Shop
  • Helping Paws Program

Volunteer Services:

  • Cake Decorating Class
  • Family Connections Visitation
  • Operations Storybook
  • Mom & Me Summer Camp
  • Mom & Me Mother's Day Camp
  • Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents
  • Angel Tree
  • Operation Ponytail
  • Chicago Legal Aid for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM)
  • Religious Services
  • Social Graces


          • Project Read/Literacy Program
          • Wells Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program
          • Dual Diagnosis
          • Women of Hope Unit
          • Women of Victory Unit
          • Sobriety Group
          • Drug Education Program
          • Parenting
          • Toastmasters
          • Book Club
          • Stress Management
          • Anger Management 
          • Healthy Relationships
          • Lifestyle Redirection
          • TRAC I
          • Healing Through Positive Self-Image
          • Domestic Violence
          • Sexual Assault/Abuse Group
          • HIV Support Group
          • Hospice/Adult Care
          • Mental Health
          • Leisure Time Services
          • Phoenix Rising
          • Re-entry Summits
          • Out in Week Boutique
          • Seeking Safety