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IDOC holds ACA orientation training 

 ACA orientation training
Featured from left are ACA Deputy Executive Director Jeffrey A. Washington, IDOC Director Michael P. Randle and ACA Executive Director James A. Gondles.

SPRINGFIELD – Feb. 22, 2010 - The Illinois Department of Corrections held an American Correctional Association orientation training session for the department’s executive and administrative staff and wardens at the agency’s General Headquarters in Springfield Feb. 22.  The training session was hosted by IDOC’s Office of Performance Based Standards.  ACA Executive Director James A. Gondles, ACA Deputy Executive Director Jeffrey A. Washington and IDOC Director Michael P. Randle addressed the audience.

The ACA, which was founded in 1870, currently represents more than 20,000 correctional practitioners in the U.S. and Canada.  The association conducts research and evaluation activities, provides training and technical assistance.  The Standards and Accreditation Department of ACA serves a dual mission of providing services for ACA and the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections.  These services include the development and promulgation of new standards, revision of existing standards, coordination of the accreditation process for all correctional components of the criminal justice system, semi-annual accreditation hearings, technical assistance to correctional agencies, and training for consultants who are involved in the accreditation process.

Topics covered during the orientation training session at IDOC included ACA and accreditation as well audit overview and preparation.

“ACA accreditation provides for an efficient performance management system to be in place,” said Director Michael P. Randle.  “The agency is currently looking at its central office in addition to identifying its first group of facilities to become ACA accredited within the next year.”

IDOC’s Office of Performance Based Standards analyzes compliance with existing laws, department rules, regulations, directives, standards, or policies; assesses efficiency and effectiveness in utilization of resources; determines whether desired results are being achieved; and provides consultation to encourage compliance and promote greater administrative, operational, and program efficiency and effectiveness. Assigned regional auditors serve as audit team leaders in the field as well as providing technical compliance support to assigned facilities and sites.  All correctional facilities and adult transition centers are audited by the Office of Performance Based Standards on an annual basis unless otherwise directed. All facilities and offices are required to conduct internal audits on a monthly basis according to their respective internal audit schedule. Fundamentally, the internal audit system at each facility and site is audited annually by the Office of Performance Based Standards to ensure compliance with requirements.