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Illinois Department of Corrections Proudly Honors Top Contributor Centralia Correctional Center 

SPRINGFIELD - Thursday, March 17, 2011 - The Illinois Department of Corrections Acting Director Gladyse C. Taylor is proud to announce the contribution of the Centralia Correctional Center's voluntary donations made by employees to the State Employees Combined Appeal campaign (SECA). Centralia employees have donated both charitable contributions and blood donor contributions and taken top honors once again for their giving spirit in the recent SECA campaign.

SECA collects donations from state employees for a wide variety of charitable organizations which benefit both local and statewide organizations of their choice. Through the generosity of the employees of the Centralia Correctional Center, a total of $34,824 was collected this season along with 3,932 units of blood during facility sponsored blood drives.

"These accomplishments are not a surprise to me as I have witnessed first hand the dedication and hard work put forth by the staff at the facility," said Centralia CC Warden Brad J. Robert. "Not only do they put forth this effort to ensure the safety and security of this correctional facility, but their compassion and generosity is evident in their contributions to charitable events."

Additionally, Centralia CC was recently given a 100% rating from Performance Based Standards where all 27 of the core standards were found compliant during the Performance Based Audit. "The administration and staff are to be commended for their dedication and diligence to the internal audit process," said Chief of Performance Based Audits William Marshall. "This clearly exemplifies hard work and leadership. This facility is an example of what can be accomplished with team effort."

IDOC operates 27 prisons throughout Illinois in addition to work camps, boot camps and adult transition centers. The agency is committed to operating a safe and secure prison system as well as enhancing prison-based treatment, prevention programs and the successful reentry of inmates into society which will lead to lowering recidivism rates.