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Illinois Department of Corrections and Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice recognize Correctional Officers of the Year for 2011 

SPRINGFIELD - May 3, 2011 - The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) and the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) today honored five outstanding front line employees as 2011 Correctional Officers of the Year at a ceremony in Springfield.

The winners were chosen from a field of nominees, who were nominated for the award by their colleagues. The overall winners were chosen by the departments' executive staff.

IDOC Acting Director S.A. Godinez and IDJJ Director Arthur D. Bishop commended the efforts of front line staff within their respective agencies.

“Our ceremony today coincides with National Correctional Officers Week, which recognizes the excellence of correctional employees throughout the U.S.,” said Godinez. “The success of IDOC’s operations, programs and services is a tribute to the dedicated men and women who serve the department. Today, we are here to commend the agency’s front line staff and recognize its fallen heroes for their commitment to public safety, bravery and leadership to the state of Illinois.”

"The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice is committed to encouraging youth to work toward making the right choices and being the best that they can be to avoid a cycle of prison,” said Bishop. “The department is dedicated to providing treatment and educational, vocational, social and emotional services to the state's young offenders to assist them in becoming productive citizens. The agency's staff is committed to this cause and the department’s mission. The employees being recognized today are commended for their dedication and support toward this goal."

Nominations for this year's award recognize front line staff at each of the state's 27 prisons, eight juvenile centers, adult transition centers and parole districts. This year's top five front line employees were presented with recognition letters from the governor and IDOC and IDJJ directors and a $500 check from the Employee Benefit Fund. The nominees are judged on leadership, initiative, professionalism and service to their community and career.

Employees receiving top honors during a ceremony at IDOC and IDJJ General Headquarters in Springfield are:

Correctional Officer Adam Vincent at Taylorville Correctional Center
Correctional Officer Vincent helped to save the life of an individual who was not breathing and did not have a pulse. He responded in a manner as trained by the Illinois Department of Corrections for such emergencies. He responded, assessed the situation and proceeded to do all the criteria necessary to save a life.

Correctional Officer J. Lincoln Roth at Dwight Correctional Center
Correctional Officer J. Lincoln Roth makes every effort to assist staff. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and provide possible solutions to problems should they arise during the shift.

Corrections Residence Counselor II Darryl Paschal at Crossroads Adult Transition Center
Correctional Resident Counselor II Darryl Paschal is assigned to the 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift, which is considered the busiest shift at Crossroads ATC. In the midst of this busy period, he effectively controls the shift.

Senior Parole Agent Mark Wiegmann at Parole District 4
Senior Parole Agent Mark Wiegmann continuously displays a willingness to share the knowledge he has gained throughout the years. He has been appointed to the Parole Division’s Internal Audit Control Audit Committee and has been a driving force since audits have been instituted for the division. He volunteered to be an internal/external auditor since the Parole Division began this process in November 2009.

Juvenile Justice Specialist Denise Peters at IYC Kewanee
Juvenile Justice Specialist Peters began her career with the Illinois Department of Corrections in 1988 and accepted a position with the Juvenile Division in 2002. Her daily interaction with youth is both professional and nurturing. She has an ability to encourage and empower youth to do tasks. Her personal attention to detail with assignments and her energy serve as a great role model to all.

Other facility nominees include:

Nominee list for 2011


Big Muddy River Correctional Officer Terry Sauerbunn
Centralia Correctional Officer Wendy Holton
Danville Correctional Officer Kristopher Myles
Dixon Correctional Sergeant Glen Wicks
East Moline Correctional Officer Donald Enloe
Graham Correctional Officer Darlene Stewart
Hill Correctional Officer Michael Darnell
Illinois River Correctional Officer Aaron Mikulich
Jacksonville Correctional Officer David Killebrew
Lawrence Correctional Officer Eric Meier
Logan Correctional Officer Ronald Sherrock
Menard Correctional Officer David Johnson
Pinckneyville Correctional Officer Bart Lind
Pontiac Correctional Officer Eric Neal
Robinson Correctional Officer Amy Tipsword
Shawnee Correctional Sergeant John Capel
Sheridan Correctional Officer Carol Balconi
Southwestern Illinois Correctional Officer Kenneth Seiffert
Stateville Correctional Officer Stanley Jenkins
Tamms Correctional Sergeant James Reynolds
Vandalia Correctional Sergeant Jesse Rosenberger
Vienna Correctional Officer Charles Evers
Western Illinois Correctional Officer David Ragle


Decatur Correctional Officer Patrick Wendell
Lincoln Correctional Officers Kelly Moore and Jennifer Petro
Fox Valley Corrections Residence Counselor I Dennis Duehning


Decatur Corrections Residence Counselor II Robert Stoldt
North Lawndale Corrections Residence Counselor I Trelwa Ashton
Peoria Corrections Residence Counselor I Korby Schaill
Southern Illinois Corrections Residence Counselor I Jeffrey Dean Patterson
West Side Corrections Residence Counselor II Timothy Griffin


District One Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris
Parole Agent Jorge Ortiz
District Two Senior Parole Agent Tina Contreras
Senior Parole Agent Pete Paesani
District Three Senior Parole Agent Ivan Hernandez-Salazar
Senior Parole Agent Larry (Justin) Wilks
District Four Senior Parole Agent Edward Beaston
Senior Parole Agent Mike Bushue
District Five Senior Parole Agent Ed Soper


IYC Chicago Juvenile Justice Specialist Dennis Gross
IYC Harrisburg Juvenile Justice Specialist Glenn Stroud
IYC Joliet Juvenile Justice Specialist Jugandy Slaughter
IYC Murphysboro Juvenile Justice Specialist Scott Timmons
IYC Pere Marquette Juvenile Justice Specialist Igaree “Demia” Lane
IYC St. Charles Juvenile Justice Specialist Jeffery Vinson
IYC Warrenville Juvenile Justice Specialist Tosha Bunch