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Pontiac Correctional Center raises funds for Save the Children-Japan 

PONTIAC–April 20, 2011– It was over one month ago since a massive 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck parts of Japan including the coastal communities north of Tokyo. The men incarcerated at Pontiac Correctional Center wanted to do something to help the estimated 74,000 children which have been devastated by the disasters.

Warden Guy Pierce announced today that $1071.00 in donations was collected at Pontiac CC, to be given to “Save the Children”- Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Children in Emergency relief fund. “Our offenders are willing to give back - they volunteered to donate their own funds to those that are in need,” Warden Pierce said. “We stress victim empathy within programming at this facility, and it’s really hitting home,” Pierce added. "Offenders can earn approximately $28.00 per month working within the prison walls. They all had an opportunity to donate any amount they wanted to help “Save the Children” in Japan."

Save the Children, based in Westport, Connecticut was very pleased and thankful to hear that the Pontiac facility chose to donate to their cause. The organization has been working in Japan since 1986, and is the world’s leading independent organization for children, working in more than 120 countries. To learn more, go to

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