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IDOC and IDJJ recognize front-line staff and fallen heroes  

Featured are the winners and nominees for the IDOC and IDJJ 2013 Officer of the Year. Top five winners with plaques from left are Aftercare Specialist Jacqueline Raguay, Correctional Officer Joseph Jennings at Western Illinois Correctional Center, Juvenile Justice Specialist David Dierking at IYC Pere Marquette, Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris at Parole District 1 and Correctional Officer Jacquelyn Greenwood at Decatur Correctional Center.
SPRINGFIELD - May 7, 2013 - The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) and the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) held a ceremony today to recognize the departments’ past and present heroes. Respective facility and district nominees, who were selected as the officer, agent or specialist of the year, were congratulated and recognized in addition to five of the nominees receiving top honors from their departments. The ceremony also paid tribute to honor the memory of the IDOC and IDJJ fallen heroes, who died in the line of duty.

Top honors were awarded in the categories of: Officer of the Year in the Adult Division, Officer of the Year in the Women and Family Services Division, Agent of the Year in the Parole Division, Juvenile Justice Specialist of the Year and Juvenile Justice Aftercare Specialist of the Year. The winners were chosen from a field of nominees, who were nominated for the award by their colleagues and supervisors at their respective work place. The overall winners were chosen by each of the departments' executive staff.

IDOC Director S.A. Godinez and IDJJ Director Arthur D. Bishop commended the efforts of front-line staff within their respective agencies.

"Our front-line employees are highly skilled and trained professionals, who serve the agency with steadfast commitment," said IDOC Director S.A. “Tony” Godinez. "Corrections employees face risks and challenges each and every day while providing security and programming. Their bravery, professionalism and leadership are among the best. For these reasons and more, Governor Quinn has declared this week, May 6th through 12th, Correctional Officers Week in Illinois to recognize the excellence of correctional employees. Today, we are here to commend our front-line staff and honor the memory of our fallen heroes named on the Memorial Wall for their commitment to public safety, their heroism and their leadership to the state of Illinois."

"IDJJ is committed to helping youths in their rehabilitation to become productive citizens," said IDJJ Director Arthur D. Bishop. "The department’s staff is dedicated in our mission to encourage youth to work toward making the right choices and striving to be the best person they can be as they return to their family and community. The agency is dedicated to providing treatment and educational, vocational, social and emotional services to the state's incarcerated youth for their successful reentry to the community. The employees being recognized today are commended for their dedication and support toward this major goal."

Nominations for this year's awards recognize front-line staff at each of the state's facilities, juvenile centers and parole districts. This year's top five front-line employees were presented with recognition letters from the governor and IDOC and IDJJ directors and a $500 check from the Employee Benefit Fund. The nominees are judged on leadership, initiative, professionalism and service to their community and career.

Employees receiving top honors during today’s ceremony are:

Correctional Officer Joseph Jennings at Western Illinois Correctional Center

Correctional Officer Joseph Jennings at Western Illinois Correctional Center was named Correctional Officer of the Year for the Adult Division. Featured from left are Director S. A. "Tony" Godinez, Correctional Officer Joseph Jennings and Chief of Operations Jesse Montgomery.
Correctional Officer Joseph Jennings has the utmost respect from staff at the center and across the state. His reputation in the Intel Office is impeccable and goes well above expectations. Jennings recently assisted the U.S. Secret Service on a case where threats were made on the U.S. President. With his assistance, a former offender has been charged and is awaiting a grand jury trial. He also has assisted in unsolved murder cases as well as high-profile investigations. Jennings is a highly decorated officer and has received numerous commendation letters for his investigation assistance from wardens throughout the state as well as the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Jennings is a law enforcement liaison for the center and a tactical team member. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Western Illinois University and has attended more than 100 hours of outside law enforcement training. Jennings also has been named Employee of the Month multiple times for his excellent job performance.


Correctional Officer Jacquelyn Greenwood at Decatur Correctional Center

Correctional Officer Jacquelyn Greenwood at Decatur Correctional Center was named Correctional Officer of the Year for the Women and Family Division. Featured from left are Director S. A. "Tony" Godinez, Assistant Director Gladyse C. Taylor, Correctional Officer Jacquelyn Greenwood, and Chief of Programs and Support Services Debbie Denning.
Correctional Officer Jacquelyn Greenwood is an integral part of the center and is currently assigned as reception officer. She contributes immeasurably to the department’s success and mission. Greenwood is always willing to assist fellow staff members and conducts herself in a professional manner when dealing with staff, offenders and the public. She is committed to detail and teamwork and fulfilling assignments. During her tenure, she has served numerous times as a class counselor at the IDOC Training Academy. She also has been voted among her peers for the Employee of the Month.


Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris at Parole District 1

Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris at Parole District 1 was named the Parole Agent of the Year. Featured from left (front row) Chief Public Safety Officer Brad Curry, Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris and Director S. A. "Tony" Godinez. Featured from left (back row) Deputy Chief District 2-5 Jason Garnett, Deputy Chief PRG & District 1 SOSU Dion Dixon, Chief of Parole Darryl L. Johnson, Deputy Chief of Parole Art Sutton, and Deputy Chief District 1 Ed Ortega.
Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris displays a professional appearance and maintains a positive and professional attitude through the course of his duties. He is currently a certified Cycle Trainer for the Parole Division and a certified Control Tactics and Hazmat instructor. He attends both supervisor and agent staff meetings to provide direction and clarity as related to a variety of parole topics. Harris possesses excellent leadership abilities both as a parole supervisor and as a senior agent. He maintains a good rapport with his fellow agents and other supervisors. Often, he is the “go to” guy for the unit and parole administration and has a solution to whatever problem may arise.


Juvenile Justice Specialist David Dierking at IYC Pere Marquette

Juvenile Justice Specialist David Dierking at IYC Pere Marquette was named the Juvenile Justice Specialist of the Year. Featured from left are Director Arthur D. Bishop, Deputy Director of Aftercare Gailyn Thomas, Juvenile Justice Specialist David Dierking, and IYC Acting Superintendent Jamie House.
Juvenile Justice Specialist David Dierking consistently maintains a professional appearance and attitude. He displays a high degree of self-confidence and exhibits a willingness to work with others to get job tasks accomplished. He is a conscientious and dependable employee who can be counted on to make excellent choices and informed decisions. Dierking demonstrates a willingness to volunteer for any project or job duties and displays excellent leadership qualities. He is currently a member of the Honor Guard.

Aftercare Specialist Jacqueline Raguay IDJJ

Aftercare Specialist Jacqueline Raguay was named the Aftercare Specialist of the Year. Featured from left are Director Arthur D. Bishop, Aftercare Specialist Jacqueline Raguay, Deputy Director of Aftercare Gailyn Thomas and Aftercare Supervisor Creo Argue.
Aftercare Specialist Jacqueline Raguay is a self-motivator, who always presents herself in a positive and professional manner. She demonstrates exceptional interpersonal skills that have served her well while engaging with youth and families. Raguay eagerly accepts each assignment with enthusiasm and has a “can do” attitude. She has been essential in assessing the needs of Spanish-speaking youth and connecting them and their families with services. Even though her work load has increased, she manages to access resources and completes documentation that is always accurate, thorough and completed ahead of schedule. Her commitment, professionalism and willingness to assist others have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and serves as a role model for IDJJ.

Nominees List for 2013

Adult Division

Big Muddy River CC Correctional Officer Dallisa Cullins
Centralia CC Correctional Officer Richard Albers
Danville CC Correctional Officer Neil Flannery 
Dixon CC  Correctional Officer Raul Ranjel 
East Moline CC Correctional Officer Kurt Young
Graham CC Correctional Officer Jeffrey Benton
Hill CC  Correctional Officer Christine Brannon
Illinois River CC  Correctional Officer Sarah Arnett
Jacksonville CC  Correctional Sgt. Gary Roundcount
Lawrence CC  Correctional Officer Michael Fisher
Lincoln CC  Correctional Officer Caleb Handy
Menard CC  Correctional Sgt. Steven Richard 
Pinckneyville CC  Correctional Officer Bruce Ruebke 
Pontiac CC  Correctional Officer Larry Clardy
Robinson CC  Correctional Sgt. Ben Sweet 
Shawnee CC Correctional Officer Richard McGraw 
Sheridan CC Correctional Officer Donald Glover
Southwestern Illinois CC  Correctional Officer Justin Kampwerth 
Stateville CC  Correctional Officer Joel Shaw 
Taylorville CC  Correctional Officer Octavis Payne 
Vienna CC  Correctional Officer Sheri Goldenstein
Vandalia CC Correctional Officer Sherman Hunt 
Western CC  Correctional Officer Joseph Jennings
Peoria ATC  Correctional Residence Counselor Anita Slaughter 

Women and Family Services Division

Decatur CC                   Correctional Officer Jacquelyn Greenwood 
Logan CC Correctional Offficer Maurice Snyder
Fox Valley ATC Correctional Residence Counselor Jonathan Kelly

Parole Division

District 1              Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris
District 2 Senior Parole Agent Scott Welty
District 3 Senior Parole Agent Timothy Winks
District 4  Senior Parole Agent Mike Bushue
District 5 Senior Parole Agent Steven Peeples

Illinois Youth Centers

IYC Chicago             Juvenile Justice Specialist Charles Dingle 
IYC Harrisburg  Juvenile Justice Specialist Greg Price
IYC Kewanee Supervisor Steve Wildermuth 
IYC Pere Marquette  Juvenile Justice Specialist David Dierking 
IYC St. Charles  Juvenile Justice Specialist Todd Bolden
IYC Warrenville Juvenile Justice Specialist Rachel Moore

Aftercare Services

Aftercare Specialist Jacqueline Raguay
Aftercare Specialist Reginald Jones