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Springfield Summit of Hope event provides opportunities for local parolees

SPRINGFIELD – June 20, 2017 – The Illinois Department of Corrections is on a mission to improve outcomes for the men and women who are released from its custody. The department holds multiple Summits of Hope across the state, each year, aimed at giving ex-offenders the resources that improve their odds of success once they return to the community.

The most recent Summit of Hope, which was held in Springfield on June 15th, provided parolees the opportunity to open a bank account, get a state ID, get connected with employers, get basic medical screenings, get information about child support services and even pick up a few items for their children – like diapers and teddy bears. Local barbers were on hand to provide parolees with a free haircut.

More than 80 local vendors attended the Summit of Hope and 40 volunteers helped the parolees navigate through a maze of services and exhibits.

“We came together again as a team and opened the doors of opportunity for the area’s returning citizens,” said Marcus King, IDOC statewide community outreach administrator. “Over the years, the Summit of Hope has served as a cornerstone in helping parolees with much needed resources so they can move forward and lead productive, law-abiding lives.”


The IDOC’s Office of Constituent Services and Parole Division host the Summit of Hope, in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Summits have been held since 2010. To learn more, visit the IDOC website at https://www.illinois.gov/idoc/communityresources/Pages/SummitofHope.aspx.​​​​