Request Technical Correction to PW Rates

 Under the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act, the Illinois Department of Labor investigates and ascertains the prevailing rate of wages for each county in the State in June of each calenar year. By August 15th, the Department posts the ascertained rate of wages on its website. If you submitted a response to the Department's June survey, whether by paper or the online survey system, and the rates you submitted are not correctly reflected in the posted prevailing wage rate schedule, you may request a revision through the below form.
NOTE: Submission of this form does not constitute a formal challenge or request for hearing under section 9 of the Prevailing Wage Act. To request a hearing under section 9, affected parties must object in writing to the Department stating the specific grounds of the objection. Informal technical corrections will be limited to clerical errors, data entry errors, or technical system errors to verify that the posted rates match the survey submissions as intended.

 Technical Corrections to PW Rates

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