April 1, 2009
Jurisdiction: COOK COUNTY

1st Year $11.40/Hour
2nd Year $11.90/Hour
3rd Year $12.40/Hour
4th Year $12.90/Hour
5th Year + $14.80/Hour

Supervisor receives an additional $0.20/Hour of the appropriate rate
above or $0.20/Hour above the highest paid employee being supervised,
whichever is greater.

Health & Welfare: $395.19/month for each employee on active payroll.
Contributions shall be prorated for the months in which employees
begin working, cease their employment and/or remain on medical or
personal leaves of absence.
Pension: $32.00/Week for each employee regularly scheduled to work 30 or more
hours per week and who actually work at least 50% of the employees?
scheduled workweek. In the event an employee does not work at least
50% of the scheduled workweek, the rate is $0.60 per hour for all
hours actually worked.
1 Year 1 Week
2 Years 2 Weeks
6 Years 2 Weeks plus 1 Day
7 Years 2 Weeks plus 2 Days
8 Years 2 Weeks plus 3 Days
9 Years 2 Weeks plus 4 Days
10 Years 3 Weeks
18 Years 4 Weeks
25 Years 5 Weeks
A week's vacation shall be computed upon the employee's regularly scheduled weekly hours of work for the 52 weeks preceding the vacation. If an employee has worked less than 52 weeks, such vacation shall be based upon the scheduled hours during the total number of weeks the employee has worked.
These wage rates and fringe benefits are determined by the Illinois Department of Labor to be conditions prevalent in the state of Illinois and shall be the minimum requirements for janitorial workers under the Illinois Finance Procurement Code. Retroactive reimbursement is required if less than the prevailing wage was paid at any time.