Jurisdiction:                   All 102 Illinois Counties


Wages:                         Window Washer                                  $16.25/Hour

                                    Supervisor                                            $16.75/Hour


Health & Welfare:         New employees are eligible after they have been employed steadily for ninety (90) days.  One must work 130 hours for a single employer from the 16th of the month proceeding to the 15th of the month to quality.  Inclement weather or other delays not within the control of the employee shall not be counted against the employee for purposes of qualifying.  Employees not available for at least 130 hours work must pay the entire cost of hospitalization by payroll deduction.  The Employer’s deductions from employees shall not exceed $75.00 per paycheck for reimbursement.


                                                                        Single               Family


                                    01/01/08-06/30/09       $178.00           $415.00


Pension:                        $1.00 per hour worked not to exceed 40 hours per week.


Vacation:                      Employee continuously employed


                                    After 1 year                  1 week for 40 hours at base rate of pay

                                    After 3 years                2 weeks for 40 hours at base rate of pay

                                    After 10 years              3 weeks for 40 hours at base rate of pay


Anyone who has been in service at least one (1) year and has received a vacation and who is discharged or laid off during the second year must work at least ninety (90) days before being compensated for vacation pay on a pro-rata basis.  If averaged less than forty (40) hours a week of work in the year prior to the

Window Washer


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vacation period because they have not been available for work, vacation pay shall be prorated accordingly.  Inclement weather and sickness shall not be counted against the employee for this determination.




These wage rates and fringe benefits are determined by the Illinois Department of Labor to be conditions prevalent in the state of Illinois and shall be the minimum requirements for window washers under the Illinois Finance Procurement Code.  Retroactive reimbursement is required if less than the prevailing wage was paid at any time.