PRRA Complaint Instructions

Please answer all questions completely and include two (2) copies of pertinent information.

  • You must submit two (2) copies of the application and all supporting documents to this office. One copy of the application and the supporting documents will be sent to your (former) employer.
  • Upon receipt of a completed application, the Department will process the complaint (which takes approximately 90 days). Self-explanatory letters will be sent to you and your (former) employer.
  • Please do not call for the status of your case before 90 days. No information will be available prior to that date and inquiries may result in a delay in processing.
  • You may be required to participate in an informal investigative hearing. If the Department is unable to proceed/assist you with your complaint, a RIGHT TO SUE LETTER will be issued. Such letter will show that you have exhausted your administrative remedies and allow you to pursue any civil remedies available at law and your file will be closed.
  • Please notify the Department, in writing, of any changes in your address or telephone number. All correspondence must include your file number.
  • Complaints may be filed by a current employee or a former employee that has been separated from the company for no more than twelve (12) months.

For assistance on the Personnel Records Review Act please contact our Chicago office at:

  • Telephone Number: 312-793-5366
  • Facsimile Number: 312-793-5257

Your application and all inquires regarding your case should be directed to our Chicago office at the following address:

Illinois Department of Labor - Legal Division
160 N. LaSalle Street, Ste. C-1300
Chicago, Illinois 60601