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Illinois OSHA protects the health and safety of public employees through the inspection, investigation and evaluation of public facilities and working conditions to ensure compliance with occupational safety and health standards and conducts educational and advisory activities to assure safe and healthy working conditions.

The Illinois On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program helps Illinois businesses meet the Federal OSHA health and safety regulations. Our FREE consultation process is completely voluntary and primarily targeted for small to medium sized businesses.

Statement of Federal Financial Support:

In compliance with the Stevens Amendment, Illinois OSHA is partially funded by two federal grants.

The 23(g) State Plan is funded by a federal grant which constitutes fifty percent of the overall budget. Fifty percent is financed by State funds. 

The 21(d) On-Site Consultation Cooperative Agreement is funded by a federal grant which constitutes ninety percent of the overall budget. Ten percent is financed by State funds.

Laws Enforced

Report Fatalities, Inpatient Hospitalization, Amputations & Loss of an Eye

Additional Information

Submit a Complaint

Current public sector employees can report unsafe working conditions by completing a form or submitting a complaint online

Free Safety & Health Consultation Services

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800-972-4216 (Consultation)

217-782-9386 (Enforcement)