Illinois Homeland Security Vision 2025

ITTF LogoThe State of Illinois has initiated a statewide effort on the development of a new homeland security strategy called Vision 2025. This initiative will engage the whole community in the development of the statewide homeland security strategy. All public safety agencies are encouraged to provide input in this grassroot critical homeland security endeavor. This initiative will only be successful if Illinois public safety agencies get involved.


Why does Illinois need a strategic planning for homeland security?

  • Provides a clear, unified path for preparedness
  • Delivers an operational posture of efficiency
  • Determines a framework to maximize the allocation of limited resources
  • Establishes a standard framework to address threats and risks for which the state is most vulnerable
  • Ensures the homeland security community is proactive opposed to reactive to emergent threats and risks 


How can public safety organizations get involved?

  • Assess the threats and risks for which your organization or community is most vulnerable, and determine your capability gaps
  • Complete an organizational Illinois Vision 2025 Homeland Security Assessment that will establish a statewide homeland security profile and priorities 
  • Participate in upcoming regional townhall meetings to provide input on Illinois’ homeland security strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Link your organizational plans and procedures to the Illinois homeland security strategy when completed


Public Safety Officials, 

The Illinois Terrorism Task Force is embarking on the development of a new Illinois homeland security strategy. All public safety organizations are encouraged to assist with this statewide strategy that will guide homeland security preparedness in the future. 

The new Illinois homeland security strategy is called Vision 2025. To be successful, the strategy development process must be a comprehensive conversation with the whole community about our collective vision for Illinois’ future strategic homeland security goals and capabilities. 

Although the threats and risks are ever evolving, the homeland security community must embrace this challenge and implement a strategy that protects the public health and safety of citizens in this great state in the years to come. 

Thank you in advance for your support of this important Illinois homeland security initiative.

Alicia Tate-Nadeau, Governor's Homeland Security Advisor