Joint Purchasing - Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical
(DM) Equipment
​Canes, Quad ​4/30/2020 ​Large Base
Crutches, Adult 4/30/2020​ ​Hardwood Armpit Crutch w/20" Length of 1" x 1":Padded Top (Adjustable)
​Crutches, Youth 4/30/2020​ ​Same Description as Adult Crutch but Size Adjusted for Children (Adjustable )
​IV-Pole, 5 Castor 4/30/2020​ ​Heavy Gauge Steel, Slow-descending Pole, 3" Castors w/Dust Covers and Thread Guards; Base has Durable Black Powder Finish
Privacy Screen 4/30/2020​ ​3 Panel with Castors
Refrigerator(No Freezer) 4/30/2020​ ​Counter Height; Used for Medications
Shower Chair w/Back Rest 4/30/2020​ ​400 lb Capacity
​Walker, Dual Release 4/30/2020​ ​Standard w/out Wheels
Walker, Dual Release 4/30/2020​ ​Standard w/wheels
Walker, Dual Release 4/30/2020​ ​Heavy duty w/wheels
​Wheelchair, Adult ​4/30/2020 ​1ea w/Foot Rest; 1ea w/Elevated Leg Rest
​Wheelchair, Adult, XL​ 4/30/2020​ ​To 450 lb Capacity w/Elevated Leg Rest