Radon Poster/Video Contests

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and the American Lung Association in Illinois (ALAIL) are joining forces to increase public awareness of radon risks and ways to reduce radon exposure.  

IEMA and ALAIL have announced the continuation of statewide contest that encourages students to use their creative talents to promote radon awareness.   

The Illinois Radon Video Contests asks high school students to create a 30 second commercial style video, while the Illinois Radon Poster Contest asks middle school students to create a poster that will encourage people to test their homes for radon. 

Contest rules and entry forms can be found on the ALAIL website

Radon Poster Contest
Radon Video Contest
​Students Age 9-14
​All High School Students
​Registration Status
​Now Open
​Now Open
​Submissions Due
​March 5
​March 21
​First Prize
​$1,000 (Student),
$300 (School)
​Second Prize
​$750 (Student),
$200 (School)
​Third Prize
​$500 (Student),
$100 (School)
​Honorable Mention
​$250 (Student)


  • 1st Place - “Make Sick Homes Healthy, Check for Radon Today” Sesser-Valier School (Sesser, IL) $200

  • 2nd place - “Protect Your Nest and Take a Radon Test” Willows Academy (Des Plaines, IL) $150

  • 3rd place - “The Silent Killer, Radon” Aptakisic Junior High School (Buffalo Grove, IL) $100


  • 1st place - Barrington High School ($1000 to winning student group + $300 for school)

  • 2nd place - Mascoutah High School ($750 to winning student group + $200 for school)

  • 3rd place - Metamora Township High School ($500 to winning student group + $100 for school)

Most Views Contest Winner: Washington Community High School with 2,207 views ($300 to winning student group)

Honorable Mention: $250 prize will be awarded for each of the following group entries.