Owners or operators of facilities with hazardous chemicals on hand in quantities equal to or greater than set threshold levels must submit Tier II forms between January 1 and March 1 for the previous calendar year.

The purpose of the Tier II form is to provide state and local officials and the public with specific information on hazardous chemicals present at your facility during the previous calendar year.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) requires all regulated facilities to submit (Tier II) information electronically by using Tier II ManagerTM, IEMA's online filing system. Each facility's username is unique to its physical (9-1-1) address.

IEMA also requires all 302 (EHS) and 311 (SDS) submissions be made through Tier II ManagerTM. Print out completed 302 and 311 reports, sign and submit to the LEPC and fire department. LEPC and fire department contact information is located in the upper right side of this webpage. DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPIES TO IEMA AS HARD COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND WILL BE SHREDDED.

2020 facility submission instructions are in the Tier II ManagerTM Sidebar Resources Section. The Sidebar button is a green question mark located on the right side of each Tier II ManagerTM Screen. Facility submission instructions are also available in the Resource Links below.

Facilities that initiated, but did not complete, 2020 Tier II Update reports must certify the updates in order to initiate a 2020 Tier II Annual report.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for the Tier II ManagerTM Online Reporting System:


  • Must use Internet Explorer 11 (non-compatibility mode) or higher, Firefox 20 or higher, or Chrome 26 or higher. Using older versions may create problems.

  • Mac users, with Safari, can use Chrome or Firefox versions listed above.

  • Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this system. Download the Adobe Reader.

  • Need to enable JavaScript and turn off the pop-up blocker in your browser.

  • If any problems, contact your technology desk to verify whether you have these requirements.

SITE PLAN (MAP) ATTACHMENTS: Site plans must meet minimum requirements. In Tier II ManagerTM, a site plan is a one-page diagram of where the Tier II chemicals are stored within the facility's site/location. An up-to-date site plan (map) may be attached in Step 5 on the Facility’s Home Page. Site map requirements, and sample site maps, are listed in the Resource Link Section below.

Electronic Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) must be attached to current (2020) Tier II chemical entries in the Tier II ManagerTM Chemical Section (Step 2 of filing process). Electronic SDSs may be obtained from your chemical supplier or manufacturer and must listed the new applicable physical and health risks. Tier II ManagerTM will accept PDF files no larger than 5 MB. If there are multiple SDSs for one chemical entry, and the SDSs contain the same physical hazards and health effects, attach the SDS containing the highest percentage of the main chemical component(s). In other words, the worst-case scenario SDS should be attached.

Facilities that reported in 2019 may use their username and password information to access Tier II ManagerTM (see link below). Enter the Username and Password on the Login screen. The latest submitted report’s information will be brought forward for 2020 Tier II ANNUAL report editing. Pay close attention to chemical and contact information as these are the two sections that most-often require editing.

If you don't remember your username and password, please e-mail a request to Include the facility name and physical address in the request. Due to security concerns, if a consultant requests a username/password on behalf of their client facility, IEMA must receive the request from a FACILITY representative using a facility-related e-mail address. The facility representative may "cc" the consultant in the request and ask that IEMA "reply to all" when responding.

Facilities that reported in 2019 but are not subject to reporting for 2020 should make the facility inactive in Tier II ManagerTM or contact IEMA at

Facilities that didn't file in 2019 but are subject to reporting for 2020 should contact IEMA, at for a new or reactivated state-issued username and password. In order to set up a user profile, please include the facility name, physical address, city and zip code, as well as a facility representative's name, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Facilities that have moved to a new location in 2020 should contact IEMA, at for a new state-issued username and password. DO NOT change the address assigned to your username. In order for IEMA to set up a new user profile, please include the facility name, physical address, city and zip code, as well as a facility representative's name, telephone number and e-mail address. Note in the e-mail that the facility relocated in 2019.

After you have completed your 2020 ANNUAL Tier II submission, PRINT out hard copies, sign at the bottom of Page 1, and submit the report, as well as new or updated site plans and SDSs, to your LEPC and fire department (links in upper right corner of this webpage). DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPIES TO IEMA. HARD COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND WILL BE SHREDDED.


Inquiries should be made to Mr. David Martin, IEMA Hazardous Materials Unit Manager, at 217-558-0559 or

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