Proposed Regulations

29 Illinois Administrative Code 115, Conference Registration and Fees, published in the Illinois Register, Volume 43, Issue 4, p. 1347 on January 25, 2019. 

IEMA is proposing this new Part to provide for IEMA-sponsored conference registration and fees pursuant to new authority under Section 5(i) of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act [20 ILCS 3305/5(i). 

Water Treatment Residuals

IEMA is drafting changes to the current exemption for water treatment residuals.  Currently, IEMA is reviewing comments from stakeholder meetings and incorporating changes as needed.  The changes have not been filed for promulgation yet.  The public, including all affected entities, will have the opportunity to submit comments during the First Notice period once the changes are published in the Illinois Register.  IEMA will continue to provide any updates regarding the status of the changes here on this webpage.