Proposed Regulations

Licensing of Radioactive Material, 32 Ill. Adm. Code 330, published August 20, 2021, in Volume 45, Issue 34 of the Illinois Register at page 10497

IEMA is proposing to amend Part 330 to meet compatibility with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) regulations including adding a definition for Associate Radiation Safety Officer and Preceptor; clarifying transfer and registration requirements; and adding training and experience requirements related to the Associate Radiation Safety Officer and Nuclear Pharmacist.

In addition, IEMA is proposing to add language indicating deadlines to submit responses to IEMA in Section 330.220; eliminate the requirement for submitting applications in duplicate in Section 330.240; add a sealed source storage limitation in Section 330.310(i) so that no sealed source can be stored without use for longer than 2 years unless additional oversight is provided; add a time limitation in Section 330.310(c) for submittal of information for transfer of ownership for licenses; add language regarding the need for a written request 90 days prior to transfer in order to ensure all licensing requirements are met and the new owner is legally bound to adhere to those requirements; and eliminate duplicative language and outdated cross-references.

Medical Use of Radioactive Material, 32 Ill. Adm. Code 335, published August 20, 2021, in Volume 45, Issue 34 of the Illinois Register at page 10598

IEMA is proposing amendments to Part 335 to meet compatibility with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as provided in RATS IDs 2018-1, 2020-2 and 2020-3. Amendments include increasing eluate sampling for radiopharmaceuticals with agency reporting requirements; adding the position of Associate Radiation Safety Officer to assist with radiation safety duties; adding the position of Ophthalmic Physicist to assist with treatment planning for eye treatments; amending written directives and event reporting for permanent brachytherapy to give physicians latitude in establishing treatment parameters; amending physician training requirements for third party attestations; and, adding exemptions for certain board-certified individuals from training and experience requirements. IEMA is aligning with NRC by removing certain requirements for receiving a license amendment prior to utilizing a board-certified physician under a license when the physician meets applicable training, experience and recentness of training requirements.

In addition, IEMA is proposing to delete language in Section 335.1060 regarding authorized users named on the licensee and other grammatical changes are being made for clarity and to match the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's regulations.

Water Treatment Residuals

IEMA is preparing to file a new rule for water treatment residuals based on comments received during previous public hearings on the matter. A link to the draft of the new rule is provided below. This new rule, once promulgated, will replace the exemption currently in 32 Ill. Adm. Code 330.40(d). Any questions or comments concerning this draft can be directed to IEMA's Radiological Field Services Unit at until May 10, 2021. This rule has not been filed for promulgation yet; however, IEMA anticipates filing for First Notice in the next few months. The public, including all affected entities, will have the opportunity to submit comments during the First Notice period once the rule is published in the Illinois Register. IEMA will continue to provide any updates regarding the status of the rule on this webpage.