Title 32: Energy - Chapter II: IEMA (radiation)

Subchapter A: Administrative Hearing Rules
Part 200pdfHTMLAdministrative Hearings
This Part governs the proceedings of any adjudicatory administrative hearing of the Division of Nuclear Safety, except as otherwise specifically provided by statute or regulation.
Subchapter B: Radiation Protection
Part 310pdfHTMLGeneral provisions for Radiation Protection
This Part authorizes inspection and investigation of the premises, operations and personnel of any radiation installation, whether or not such installation is required to be registered or licensed by the Division of Nuclear Safety, for the purpose of studying and evaluating the health hazard(s) caused by the use and operation of such machines and material; sets the policy for assessment of civil penalties for violations; and applies to all persons who receive, possess, use, transfer, own, or acquire any source of radiation within the State of Illinois.
Part 315pdfHTMLStandards for protection against laser radiation
This Part requires registration of Class 3b and 4 lasers and exempts Class 1, 2 and 3a lasers from registration requirements. This Part sets forth requirements for laser safety programs and laser safety officers, sets forth requirements for the safe operation of lasers, sets forth requirements for notifications, reports and records, and provides for inspections and investigations by the Agency.
Part 320pdfHTMLRegistration and Operator Requirements for Radiation Installations
This Part provides the requirements for operators registering radiation installations for the use of radiation machines.
Part 322pdfHTMLRegistration and Reporting Requirements for Radiation Machine Service Providers
This Part establishes registration and reporting requirements for persons who install or provide service for radiation machines.
Part 326pdfHTMLFinancial Assurance Requirements
This Part prescribes financial assurance requirements to ensure that specific and general licensees will have sufficient funds to reclaim properties. This Part identifies which licensees must file financial assurance arrangements and describes arrangements acceptable to the Agency. This Part is not applicable to licensees subject to 32 Ill. Adm. Code 332 that have financial assurance arrangements on file with the Agency.
Part 330pdfHTMLLicensing of Radioactive Material
This Part establishes licensing requirements for persons who receive, possess, utilize, manufacture, distribute, transfer, own or acquire radioactive material or devices or equipment utilizing or producing such materials. 
Part 331pdfHTMLFees for Radioactive Material Licensees and Registrants
This Part establishes fees to cover the costs of licensure and inspection of radioactive material licenses, registration of certain types of generally licensed devices, recovery and remediation of radioactive material and evaluation and maintenance of sealed source and device evaluations conducted in support of radioactive material licenses issued by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety (the Agency).
Part 332pdf
HTMLLicensing Requirements for Source Material Milling Facilities
This Part establishes procedures, criteria, and conditions upon which the Division of Nuclear Safety issues specific licenses for source material milling and disposal of the byproduct material. The regulations in this Part do not establish procedures and criteria for the issuance of licenses for materials covered under Title I of the Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act of 1978 (42 U.S.C. 7901).
Part 333pdfHTMLFees for Calibration Services
This Part sets forth the procedures to be followed by persons who request the services of the Division of Nuclear Safety's calibration facility, the terms and conditions under which such services will be provided and the fees that the Agency will charge for providing calibration services.
Part 334pdfHTMLFees for by-product material licenses
This Part establishes an annual fee to be paid by the owner or operator of any property that has been used in whole or in part for the milling of source material and is being used for the storage or disposal of by-product material, equal to $2 per cubic foot of by-product material being stored or disposed of by the facility. However, no fees shall be collected from any State, county, municipal, or local governmental agency.
Part 335 pdfHTMLUse of Radionuclides in the Healing Arts
This Part establishes requirements for the use of radionuclides in the healing arts and for issuance of licenses by the Division of Nuclear Safety authorizing the medical use of this material.
Part 337pdf
HTML Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material
This Part contains the requirements for the physical protection program for any licensee that possesses an aggregated category 1 or category 2 quantity of radioactive material.
Part 340 pdfHTMLStandards for Protection against Radiation
This Part establishes standards for protection against ionizing radiation resulting from activities conducted pursuant to licenses or registrations issued by the Division of Nuclear Safety. The requirements of this Part are designed to control the receipt, possession, use, transfer, and disposal of sources of radiation by any licensee or registrant so that the total dose to an individual, including doses resulting from all sources of radiation other than background radiation, does not exceed the standards for protection against radiation prescribed in this Part. However, nothing in this Part shall be construed as limiting actions that may be necessary to protect health and safety in an emergency.
Part 341pdf
HTMLTransportation of Radioactive Material
This Part establishes requirements for packaging, preparation for shipment and transportation of radioactive material and applies to any person who transports radioactive material or delivers radioactive material to a carrier for transport.
Part 346pdfHTMLLicenses and Radiation Safety Requirements for Irradiators
This Part contains requirements for the issuance of a license by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (Agency), authorizing the use of sealed sources containing radioactive materials in irradiators used to irradiate objects or materials using gamma radiation. Also included are radiation safety requirements for irradiators currently in operation.
Part 350pd​fHTMLRadiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations
This Part establishes radiation safety requirements for persons using sources of radiation for industrial radiography. 
Part 351pdfHTMLRadiation Safety Requirements for Wireline Service Operations and Subsurface Tracer Studies
This Part establishes radiation safety requirements for individuals using sources of radiation for wireline service operations, including mineral logging, radioactive markers and subsurface tracer studies.
Part 360pdfHTMLUse of x-rays in the healing arts including Medical, Dental, Podiatry, and Veterinary Medicine
This Part establishes requirements for use of x-ray producing devices in the healing arts by a practitioner licensed to practice a treatment of human ailments by virtue of the Medical Practice Act of 1987, the Illinois Dental Practice Act, or the Podiatric Medical Practice Act of 1987, or by a medical radiographer or accredited radiation therapist acting under the supervision, prescription or direction of such licensed person or the non human use of x-ray by veterinarians by virtue of the Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Practice Act of 1983.
Part 370pdfHTMLQuality Standards and Certification Requirements for Facilities Performing Mammography
This Part establishes quality standards and certification requirements for facilities performing mammography to ensure that all mammography facilities are adequately and consistently evaluated for compliance with the standards provided in this Part.
Part 380pdfHTMLAnalytical Types of X-Ray Equipment
This Part establishes special requirements for x-ray diffraction units, x-ray spectrographic fluorescence equipment and other analytical types of x-ray equipment.
Part 390pdfHTMLParticle Accelerators
This Part establishes procedures that apply to all persons who develop, manufacture, receive, possess, use, own, or acquire accelerators to assure that radiation medical treatments are safe and effective for patients, radiation workers, the general public and that the use of accelerators in research, industrial and other non-medical settings is safe.
Part 400pdfHTMLNotices, Instructions and Reports to Workers; Inspections
This Part establishes requirements for notices, instructions and reports by licensees or registrants to individuals engaged in activities under a license or registration and options available to such individuals in connection with Division of Nuclear Safety inspections of licensees or registrants to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the Radiation Protection Act of 1990 and regulations, orders and licenses issued thereunder regarding radiological working conditions.
Part 401 pdfHTMLAccrediting persons in the practice of Medical Radiation Technology
This Part establishes educational standards and an accreditation program applicable to persons who apply ionizing radiation to human beings. Specifically, this Part provides for: (1) minimum standards of preparatory education and experience for persons who apply ionizing radiation to human beings in the disciplines of medical radiography, nuclear medicine technology, radiation therapy technology and chiropractic radiography; (2) examination requirements for certain categories of accreditation; and (3) continuing education requirements for renewal of accreditation.
Part 405pdfHTMLCertification of Individuals to perform Industrial Radiography
This Part establishes a program to certify persons to perform industrial radiography. Specifically, this Part provides for: (1) minimum standards for training and experience for persons who perform industrial radiography; (2) application and examination requirements for certification and recertification; (3) standards for the recognition of certification by other parties; (4) provisions for the suspension or revocation of certification; and (5) civil penalties.
Part 410pdfHTMLRegistration Requirements for Diagnostic Imaging Specialists and Therapeutic Radiological Physicists
This Part implements the provisions of the Radiation Protection Act of 1990 regarding approval and registration of individuals responsible for implementing a comprehensive radiation protection program for Class D facilities as defined in 32 Ill. Adm. Code 320. This part provides registration, education and experience requirements for diagnostic imaging specialists and therapeutic radiological physicists.
Part 422pdfHTMLRegulations for Radon Service Providers
This Part establishes licensing requirements for individuals who perform services to measure the presence of radon or radon progeny, and individuals who perform mitigation services to reduce the concentration of radon or radon progeny.
Subchapter C: Nuclear Facility Safety
Part 501pdf​HTMLPlan for the compensation of Local Governments under Provisions of the "Illinois Nuclear Safety Preparedness Act"
This Part establishes the policies and procedures necessary to compensate local governments for authorized expenses incurred in response planning, preparation, radiological training and participation in the exercise of nuclear response plans.
Part 504pdf
HTMLStatus Signals for Nuclear Power Reactors
This Part provides the criteria and requirements under which the owner of a nuclear power reactor shall transmit to the Division of Nuclear Safety a System Status Signals Catalogue for the reactor via a Reactor Data Link (RDL).
Part 505pdf​HTMLSafe Operation of Nuclear Facility Boilers and Pressure Vessels
This Part sets forth standards for the safe and proper design, construction, installation, inspection, inservice examination and testing, repair and alteration of boilers and pressure vessels which are consistent with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and National Board Inspection Code requirements as adopted and enforced by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Specifically, this Part provides for: (1) the registration of boilers and pressure vessels; and (2) the issuance of Inspection Certificates for nuclear power systems and non-ISI boilers and pressure vessels to document that such power systems, boilers and pressure vessels comply with this Part. 
Subchapter D: Low Level Radioactive Waste/Transportation
Part 601pdfHTMLLicensing Requirements for land disposal of Radioactive Waste
This Part establishes procedures, criteria, and terms and conditions upon which the Division of Nuclear Safety issues licenses for the land disposal of radioactive wastes if such disposal is away from the point of generation or if such disposal is of waste which has been received from other persons.
Part 605pdfHTMLStandards for selection of Contractors
This Part sets out the standards the Director of the Division of Nuclear Safety will use when selecting a contractor for the design, development, construction, operation, and closure of the low level radioactive waste disposal facility envisioned by the Illinois Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Act.
Part 606HTMLRequirements for the disposal of low-level Radioactive Waste away from the point of generation
This Part sets out standards applicable to facilities for the disposal of low-level radioactive wastes away from the point of generation.
Part 609pdfHTMLAccess to Facilities for Treatment, Storage, or Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
This Part establishes a tracking system for shipments of low-level radioactive waste into, out of or within the State of Illinois for the purpose of tracking the points of origin of the shipments, as transported to the places of destination of the the shipments.
Part 620pdfHTMLRegistration of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Generators
This Part sets forth the procedures for the registration of low-level radioactive waste generators and brokers; the filing of an annual report with the Division of Nuclear Safety and the payment of fee by the generators and brokers.