Nuclear & Radiation Safety

Nuclear & Radiation Safety​​

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is responsible for protecting Illinois residents from the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation. IEMA is recognized across the nation and around the world as a leader in radiation safety. The agency administers more than two dozen programs to protect citizens and the environment, including:

  • the nation’s most comprehensive monitoring system for the 11 operating nuclear power reactors in Illinois
  • Resident Inspectors at each nuclear power plant to conduct independent safety inspections of critical safety systems
  • inspection and escort of spent nuclear fuel shipments
  • inspection and regulation of 750 radioactive materials licensees and 35,000 x-ray machines
  • accreditation of radiation technologists
  • licensing of radon measurement and mitigation professionals
  • oversight of cleanup efforts at sites contaminated with radioactive materials

​​​​​​​​​​​​Nuclear & Radiation Safety Programs of Interest