Your Guide to Becoming a History Detective!

Everything you need to know to complete your history fair/expo project is here in the handbook!

 Table of Contents

Part One

1. Topic Selection Comes First

  • Choosing Your History Expo Topic
  • Focusing and Narrowing your Topic into a Thesis Statement


2. Researching Your Topic: Finding and Organizing Information

  • Locating Sources Material and Organizing Information 
  • Sample Note Card
  • Research Sources
  • Primary and Secondary Sources
  • Locating Sources
  • Using the Internet for Research                                                                                              

3. Summary Statement & Bibliography

  • Title Page
  • Summary Statement Questions
  • Bibliography
Part Two

1. Presentation Categories

  • Research Paper
  • Exhibits
  • Media Documentary
  • Performances
  • Web Site      

2. How Illinois History Expo Projects are Evaluated


3. Evaluation Scorecard


Part Three
Contest Rules

1. General Contest Rules for all Categories

2. Research Paper Rules

3. Individual & Group Exhibit Rules

4. Individual & Group Performance Rules

5. Individual & Group Media Rules

6. Web Site Rules