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Following a search, or after you have selected a property or properties with the "Select" tool, you can generate a report on individual properties by clicking on the "report" link next to the property in the Results Area.

The report pulls together all of the known facts about that property and includes photographs that are available. It also contains links to additional documentation about the property. If the property is part of a historic district or part of a Multiple Property Listing (like Round Barns, or Carnegie Libraries), there are links to those reports as well. The following text discusses the type of information contained in the different report sections:


General property details appear in this section.

  • The field, "vicinity," is listed as "yes" if the property is outside of city limits, but uses the city as its address.
  • "Archaeology Comp." refers to whether or not the property has an archaeology component. If a property has not yet been assessed for archaeology, it will not have anything in this field.
  • We have included PINs (property index numbers) for those in municipalities that assign them and that have been identified with PINs on our survey forms.
  • The Reference Number given is our unique identifier for properties in our database.

Property Listings

Within this section, the following programs are listed if they apply to the property:

  • Listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)
  • Part of a NRHP historic district (when known, the fact that the property is "contributing" or "non-contributing" is given as well)
  • Determined eligible for the NRHP
  • Within a Certified Local Government (and whether or not the CLG is approved for incentives under the Tax Act or Tax Credit program)
  • Determined to be a local landmark by a CLG
  • Part of a NRHP Multiple Property Listing (MPL). A MPL is used to nominate a group of properties for the NRHP based on a common theme. The MPL document contains information about resource types specific to a defined geographic region and describes a standard for the inclusion of these resource types in the NRHP. Properties listed under the MPL may be individual properties or historic districts.

National Register of Historic Places Information

Only properties that are listed on the NRHP will have details in this section. For an explanation of the details, you may visit the National Park Service site at

Surveys of Property

Some properties have a link to "View Background Documentation." If background documentation is available, you need Adobe Acrobat ® Reader to view it.

Background documentation consists mainly of certain survey forms that were completed on the property. If the property is listed on the NRHP, the nomination form is included. If it was picked up in the Illinois Historic Landmarks Survey, that survey form will be included as well. Properties that were included in various community surveys will contain the full survey form used by those surveyors. The Illinois Historic Structures Survey cards and the Illinois Rural Survey cards (when entered) are not included in facsimile form because we included everything on the forms in our database.

For each survey that included the property, information about the survey is included in this section: Survey Type (name of the survey), Date of Survey, Survey Prepared By (surveyor name), and if included in the survey, the surveyors opinion of significance, condition, and integrity.

Property Details

By our definition, a property can have one or more buildings, objects, sites or structures. In this section, the details of each individual unit is given. (The order in which units are listed is not significant.)


A sampling of our file photographs is presented in this section of the report. If known, the photo date is given, along with the location of the original photograph in our files. The PhotoID is the unique number that identifies each photograph.

If you wish to enlarge the photograph, you may right-click on it and save the photo on your computer and view it using an image viewer or editor.

Mh3>Printing the Report

If the report is cut off on the right side, you can adjust the margins through your browser settings. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, go to File, then Page Setup, and set the left and right margins at .25 inch.