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The Preservation Services Division has created the Historic Architectural and Archaeology Resources Geographic Information System (HARGIS) to enable the public to locate and retrieve information about Illinois' cultural resources. Click here to read more about HARGIS.


While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the data in HARGIS, some factors are beyond our control. Properties may have been demolished or moved since surveys were taken, and addresses may have been changed. In addition, incorrect addresses may have been recorded on survey forms. Also, the information contained in HARGIS may be outdated in some instances. This Web site functions as a research tool, not an up-to-the-minute inventory about every historic and/or architecturally significant property in the state. This tool allows researchers to investigate and review potentially significant properties according to the best data that is available in Illinois' historic preservation office. If you are aware of errors in the data, or if you can help us update information, please contact us! Click here for instructions on how to send us corrections and updates.

The inclusion of a property in HARGIS does not imply that it has special standing with the programs in this office, unless it has been officially designated by the National Park Service as a National Register of Historic Places property. Conversely, the absence of a property from this database does not imply a lack of historic, architectural, or archaeological importance. Properties included in HARGIS are not automatically assured grants or any other assistance or protection. Sites of local designation or those contained in local surveys are still being added to this system. Also, other historic properties may exist that have not yet been identified. It may be necessary to contact us for more information and to satisfy local, state, or federal historic preservation requirements. For more information, see Protecting History. For a description of the surveys upon which HARGIS is based, see "They Came, They Saw, They Surveyed."

Special note for Archaeology

HARGIS delineates archaeological "high probablity areas" as defined pursuant to state law but does not identify specific known archaeological areas. Most of these sites, except for publicly owned sites like Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, are exempt from general public access under the state Freedom of Information Act. (They may be accessed at our offices in Springfield by professionally qualifed archaeologists for legitimate research purposes.)

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