Preliminary Evaluation for National Register Listing

Your response to the following questions will make it possible for IHPA to evaluate the property and to give you a preliminary staff opinion about its potential for listing in the National Register. Please be aware that any material submitted to this Agency will not be returned. Nomination materials will be forwarded to you if the property is a good candidate for the National Register. An explanatory letter will be forwarded to you if it is not a likely candidate.

Thank you for your interest in Illinois’ historic resources. Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Heckenkamp at 217/785-4324 (or via e-mail at if you have any questions. Send completed information to the following address:

Andrew Heckenkamp
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
1 Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield, IL 62701


__ Statement of Integrity
__ Statement of Significance
__ Photographs
__ Floor plans (individual properties only)
__ Site plans (districts and sites only)
__ Location map

Statement of Integrity

Please submit on a separate piece of paper.

Provide the street address or legal location of the property. A post office box is not acceptable. For districts or sites, provide the boundaries of the area.

Indicate the type of property – is it a residence? Commercial building? Barn? Indicate whether there are other structures associated with the property that may also be significant, for example, a garage that was constructed at the same time as the house, or a silo that was built during the farm’s period of significance. If describing a district or site, include what type, i.e.: residential district, park, farmstead, etc. Give an estimated number of properties within a district.

Date Built
Indicate the date the property was built. If unknown, give an approximate date. For districts give a range of dates, beginning with the earliest known date of construction (i.e.: 1925-1998).

Original Use
Indicate the historic use(s) of the property.

Original Description
Describe (briefly) the property as it was originally constructed. For districts, try to give an indication of how many properties have basically maintained their original appearance.

Indicate the whether new materials, such as vinyl or aluminum siding have been installed on the property. For districts, give an estimate on the number of properties that have new materials.

Alterations/New additions
Indicate whether any interior or exterior alterations (new windows, porches, remodeling, etc.) or new additions have been made to the property. Include dates. Also indicate whether any materials, features, etc. have been removed from the property since its construction. For districts, try to give an indication of how many properties have significantly altered their original appearance.

Statement of Significance

Please submit on a separate piece of paper. You do not need to answer all of these – just the questions that apply.

Association with events, activities, or patterns
Did a historic event occur there? Was the building frequently used by the community for education, government, social, or business purposes?

Association with important persons
Is the property or site important because historical figures lived or worked there during the time they achieved significance?

Distinctive physical characteristics of design, construction, or form
Does the property or site represent certain architectural styles or building types? Is it the work of one or more important architects? Builders? Artists? Planners?

Potential to yield important information
Does the property or site have any archaeological significance?

Additional Supporting Documentation

For individual properties, please include photographs of all exterior sides and all rooms on all floors. For larger structures –hotels, apartments, etc.-- submit representative photographs of similar rooms (offices, hotel rooms, etc.) but include interior photographs of the rooms on the main level. For sites and historic districts, please include photographs of representative views, streetscapes, and vistas. At this initial stage, photographs should be no smaller than 3”x5” and can be color, black and white, or digital. Be sure to label all photographs.

Floor Plan/Site Plan
Include floor plans of individual properties and key photographs to the floor plans. For districts and sites, include site plans.

Location Map
Include a map showing the location of the property or site.