Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council

The Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council is the body that votes on new National Register Properties in Illinois. The Council meets three times a year and is comprised of 15 members. There are at a minimum, three historians, three architectural historians, or architects with a preservation background, and three archeologists. The remaining six members have to have a preservation interest and are drawn from supporting fields, such as, but not limited to planning, law, local government, and historical geography. All members are appointed by the Director of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and approved by IHPA's Board of Trustees.



Dan Monroe, Historian (CHAIR) - Champaign (2017-2019)

Donald Booth, Archaeologist - Alton (2016-2018)

Mercy Davison, Preservation Advocate - Normal (2016-2018)

Danielle Euer, Architectural Historian - Chicago (2016-2018)

Victoria Granacki, Preservation Advocate – Chicago (2015-2017)

Meg Kindelin, Architect - Chicago (2016-2018)

Douglas J. Kullen, Archaeologist – Aurora (2015-2017)

Sarah Lawrence, Preservation Advocate - Carbondale (2017-2019)

Curtis Mann, Preservation Advocate - Mt. Auburn (2016-2018)

Daniel J. O'Rourke, Archaeologist - Bolingbrook (2017-2019)

Christen A. Sundquist, Architectural Historian - Elgin (2017-2019)

Raymond Terry Tatum, Historian – Chicago (2015-2017)

Edward Torrez, Architect - Chicago (2017-2019)

Janine Wilkosz, Architectural Historian – Plainfield (2015-2017)

Jan Zimmerman, Historian - Mt. Olive (2016-2018)

Erich Schroeder - Illinois State Museum​ (non-voting)
Sam Wheeler - Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (non-voting)

 IHSAC By-Laws.pdf          Presentation Rules.pdf

2017 IHSAC Meeting Schedule

 February 24  - June 30 -  October 27


Properties to be considered on June 30, 2017

Bement - Bryant Cottage.pdf

Granite City -- Granite City YMCA.pdf

Polo - Zenas Aplington House.pdf

Long Grove - Buffalo Creek Bridge.pdf

Evanston - James Irving House.pdf

Irving House - Current Photos.pdf

Chicago -- Shoreline Apartments.pdf

Chicago -- Covent Hotel.pdf

Chicago - John Lothrop Motley School.pdf

Maywood -Baptist Retirement Home.pdf

Supporting Meeting Material

Meeting Location.pdf 



Residential Hotels in Chicago 1880-1930 MPD.pdf