December, 2002

Illinois History, a magazine for young people

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Illinois History:
A Magazine for Young People

December, 2002
Vol. 56, Issue 1

Immigrants and Refugees in Illinois
Since 1945


Introduction to Illinois History Online
Keith A. Sculle, Editor

Chicago's Assyrian Americans (page 3)
Jessica Baniamin, Jamieson School, Chicago
Teacher: Jackie Turlow

Heaven is a Place Called Rockford (page 6)
Miriam Carlson, Heritage School, Rockford
Teacher: Elizabeth Carlson

Unlocked Doors to a New World: The Muslim Community of Belleville, IL (page 10)
Erin Conner, Belleville Township High School West, Belleville
Teacher: Melissa Schmitt-Crafton

Mexican Migrant Workers in Southern Illinois (page 17)
Matt DiLalla, Unity Point School, Carbondale
Teacher: Jim Berezow

Puerto Rican Immigrants to the Chicago Land Area After World War II (page 20)
Rikki Edwards, Brookwood Junior High School, Glenwood
Teacher: Harry Daley

Zambian A Cappella (page 23)
Maisie Graser, Civic Memorial High School, Bethalto
Teacher: Carol Phillips

Macedonian Immigrants to Illinois (page 26)
Katie Hanson, Oregon High School, Oregon
Teacher: Sara Werckle

An Immigrant Family Full of Hope (page 29)
Lauren McNamara, All Saints Academy, Breese
Teacher: Stephanie Garcia

A Vietnamese Interview (page 32)
Jackie Parker, Oregon High School, Oregon
Teacher: Nate Rogers