February, 2003

Illinois History, a magazine for young people

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Illinois History:
A Magazine for Young People

February, 2003
Vol. 56, Issue 2

Laboring and Labor Unions


The Failure of the Pullman Strike and Its Effects on the US Labor Reform Movement (page 2)
Anna Booth, DeKalb High School, DeKalb
Teacher: John Nakonechny

John Peter Altgeld: Representative of the Working Man (page 6)
Ian Chen, University High School, Urbana
Teacher: Rosemary Laughlin

The Haymarket Tragedy(page 9)
Kristin Gates, Thornwood High School, South Holland
Teacher: Bob Rose

The Packinghouse Jungle (page 12)
Martin Geiger, University High School, Urbana
Teacher: Agnes C. Bolesta

New Orient Coal Mine Disaster of 1951 (page 17)
Ashley Jones, Anna-Jonesboro Community High School, Anna
Teacher: Bonnie Heidinger

The Railway Strike of 1877 (page 20)
Jillian Kaskavage, Oregon High School, Oregon
Teacher: Sara Werckle

The Cherry Mine Disaster and Its Effects on Labor and Labor Unions in the US (page 23)
Samuel Klein, University High School, Urbana
Teacher: Rosemary Laughlin

A Union is Formed (page 27)
Amanda Parsons-Twesten, Belleville Township High School West, Belleville
Teacher: Melissa Schmitt-Crafton

Mary Harris Jones: A Union Crusader (page 31)
Emily Renschen, All Saints Academy, Breese
Teacher: Stephanie Garcia

The Memorial Day Massacre of 1937 (page 34)
Aisha Wahid, Jamieson School, Chicago
Teacher: Robert Newton and Jacobeth Turlow