Note: All Illinois Liquor Control Commission special agents will readily provide official identification from the department upon arrival at the premise to be inspected.

Please report any attempts by individuals who attempt to misrepresent themselves as employees of the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission to the Illinois Department of Revenue Internal Investigations Division at 217-782-3151.

Special agents from the Investigations Division conduct liquor inspections at Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) licensed entities throughout Illinois. Using laptop computers to ensure standardized reporting and consistent application of enforcement, these agents visit liquor establishments on a regular basis and respond to complaints received from the general public regarding violations.
ILCC agents also conduct periodic compliance sweeps in conjunction with other state and local enforcement agencies. During these sweeps, the combined forces check for violations above and beyond Illinois liquor laws.
Finally, the special agents supervise underage purchasers during random ID checks. These checks, which are performed throughout the State of Illinois, test retail sales personnel on their duty to perform proper ID checks in the sale of alcohol and tobacco.