ILCC Special Agents conduct over 10,000 yearly liquor inspections throughout the State.  Listed below are the Top Ten Violations reported during these inspections for a recent fiscal year.  We encourage you to become familiar with this list and share it with your staff, so you can avoid making these same mistakes in your establishment.

  1. Pregnancy warning sign not posted
  2. Personnel not BASSET certified
  3. Contaminated liquor
  4. State liquor license not displayed
  5. Liquor purchased at retail
  6. Corporate status – "Not Good Standing"
  7. 90 days of invoices unavailable
  8. IBT (Illinois Business Tax) certificate not available
  9. Violation of State, Local, or Federal law, ordinance or regulation
  10. Pre-mix alcoholic beverages not destroyed weekly

Will your establishment pass an ILCC inspection? Visit our Audio page to hear tips on how to avoid a violation in your establishment. Click on list common violations​ for some of the additonal items checked during the inspection process.