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In addition to liquor licensees, non-profit organizations such as schools, prevention groups, local government agencies, and other individuals can order the materials below for FREE (click on the links to review each piece).

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Alcohol Poisoning Booklet (PDF) My best friend died...
Keeping Teens Drug-Free - Spanish/English (PDF)
NOTE: This item is no longer being printed.
Manteniendo a sus Adolescentes Libres de Drogas
Underage Drinking/Fake ID Laws - English (PDF) Underage Drinking/Fake ID Laws
Underage drinking/Fake ID Laws - Spanish (PDF) Underage drinking/Fake ID Laws
Parent's Handbook for Raising Healthy Teens (PDF)
NOTE: This item is no longer being printed.
Navigating the Teen Years
The Bottom Line...On Underage Drinking (PDF)
This college parent guide provides details on underage drinking and issues related to the over-consumption of alcohol to help parents keep their college-age children safe.
The Bottom Line
Countertop cashmat (PDF)
15x10 inch mat to be placed wherever alcohol is sold.
NOTE: This item is OUT OF STOCK.
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