Quick Notes for conducting a YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! youth activity in your town 

LOCAL PARTNERS: CLICK HERE FOR A DETAILED MANUALCreated in conjunction with Operation Snowball, the YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Manual ​includes the following:
- Permission slip/media release form: Page 9 (page 10 in PDF file).
- Store information form: Page 11 (page 12 in PDF file)
- Sample media advisory and press release: Pages 15-16 (pages 16-17 in PDF file)
- Detailed menu of activities and other info to help you arrange for a successful event!

  • Materials for distribution include necktags (also known as "bottleneckers" which are placed over the neck of bottles), buttons, drink coasters, and more! Click here to order the FREE materials.
  •  Remember, ONLY the necktags are to be placed on alcoholic beverages. Past Sticker Shock materials—including window decals, proof of age signs, and posters—are also available with the new YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! message and logo.
  • ADULT CHAPERONES: It is critical you supervise the teens to ensure they are following all instructions. For example, make sure they are not handling or moving the alcohol packaging.
  • The key to success is a coordinated local effort between law enforcement, education, and prevention/health professionals. For example, law enforcement can serve as chaperones; teachers can recruit the students; and prevention/health professionals – who have regular contact with both the police and the schools – can serve as a “conduit” to bring all of the groups together.
  • This campaign is designed to reinforce positive behavior. The vast majority of adults in Illinois do NOT give alcohol to minors nor do the majority of teens drink alcohol. By posting these positive messaging materials in liquor establishments throughout the state, adults will be reminded that giving alcohol to minors – and underage drinking – is NOT the "norm."
  • To support the above claim, it is suggested that you access youth alcohol consumption data for your community by visiting the Illinois Youth Survey website and click on the "Results" tab. You can also access data for your county or the state as a whole.
  • COLLECTING DATA: As this is an awareness campaign for ADULTS, we suggest you measure data based upon whether your community has seen an increase in their knowledge of laws, health consequences, and/or community norms related to underage drinking. Below are some sample survey questions to ask adults in your community:
    • Is it illegal for parents to host an underage drinking party for their children’s friends?
    • What amount of alcohol consumption will adversely affect a teenager’s brain development?
    • Do you believe it is okay for adults to allow underage drinking in their home?
    • What do you believe is the percentage of adults who believe it is okay to allow underage drinking in their home?
  • MEASURING DATA: During the planning of your event (via either a letter from your mayor/police chief or visiting your liquor establishments in person) you can survey adult alcohol purchasers and then FOLLOW-UP by asking the same questions afterward. How you gather the data is entirely up to you, but working with your schools and parent organizations are always solid survey distribution options.
  • Remember, press coverage of your activities is just as important – if not more important – than the actual posting of materials. Obviously, our message will reach A LOT more people if you get press coverage, so make sure you reach out to your press contacts in the paper, on the local radio, and at the TV station.
  • Please ensure you include the following line in all press communications: “YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! materials were created by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission to remind adults that preventing underage drinking is everyone's responsibility.”
  • Schedule your store visits as early in the day as possible (ie, morning, lunch time, or immediately after school) when press coverage is more likely and stores are not as crowded. WE’RE NOT TRYING TO HURT LIQUOR SALES – only those sales that end up​ in teens’ hands.
  • If you have additional questions, please call 312-814-4802 or email ted.penesis@illinois.gov.
(contains detailed menu of activities, sample forms, and much more!)​​​​​​​​