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MyTax Illinois (an online account management program for taxpayers to register a new business, file returns, make tax payments, and manage their tax accounts with the Illinois Department of Revenue) allows Illinois Liquor Licensees the ability to renew their liquor licenses, submit brand registrations, and manage their Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) accounts online.

What online features are available to Illinois Liquor Licensees?

With MyTax Illinois, liquor licensees will be able to do the following online:

  • View account information.
  • Renew a liquor license online.
  • Make payments online.
  • Check the status of a liquor license renewal.
  • Print a liquor license.
  • View copies of correspondence ILCC mailed in reference to a liquor license.
  • Submit brand registrations online.

What are the benefits of using MyTax Illinois to file liquor license renewal applications, make payments, and enter brand registrations?

MyTax Illinois has many features that make renewing your liquor license online, making payments, and completing brand registration easier.

  • You will no longer have to mail your renewal or come to our Chicago or Springfield offices to renew in person.
  • You will be able to log in to your account to see if your license has been renewed and to print your license. You will no longer have to wait for the license to be mailed to you.
  • Liquor license renewals can be saved and edited at a later time before they are submitted or withdrawn.
  • You will be able to view copies of correspondence and letters the ILCC mailed in reference to your liquor license
  • You will be able to enter your brand registrations online, view your account, and check the status of your brand registration.
  • There are helpful tips available for many of the lines where common mistakes are made. These tips can be viewed or hidden by clicking on the blue question mark icon next to the lines.
  • Fields that contain errors are displayed in red, providing a clear indication where changes must be made before the return or payment is submitted.

How do I access MyTax Illinois?

First time MyTax Illinois users:

To set up your MyTax Illinois access, you must complete specific information about you and your company by clicking on the “Sign up now!” button located on the web page, completing all required fields on the “Activation Summary” page, and then clicking “Submit”.

After IDOR verifies your submitted information - usually within a minute or two - a message will be sent to the email address you provided giving you the authorization code needed for your initial login. After you receive this email, go back to the MyTax Illinois home screen or use the link provided in the email and enter your username and password, along with the authorization code. Note: The authorization code is only required for your first login.

As licensing features are added to MyTax Illinois, no additional action will be necessary. MyTax Illinois will automatically provide account information and additional functionality for you in reference to your liquor license.

Existing MyTax Illinois users:

1. Log into your account. 
2. Click on the “Renew” link next to the license period under your license number. 
3. Enter the required information and provide attachments as requested (option to add attachment in left sidebar menu).
4. Pay the license fee with an electronic debit or MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Visa credit card. Note: The credit card service provider will assess a convenience fee. (New! The credit card payment option is now available.)
 If you were unable to add access to your Liquor Control Commission account after attempting to enter the shared secret information, please call 217-785-3707.

Will I have a separate MyTax Illinois account for each return I file?

No. Activation is based on your Social Security number (SSN) if you are a sole proprietor or your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for all other businesses. Your company will be required to designate a “Primary User” to set up your MyTax Illinois account who will then grant others access.

Will my liquor license number change?

Yes. To provide more consistency with license numbers, your Illinois Liquor License Number will no longer begin with the two-digit year of issuance. The license number will begin with the two-character category identifier followed by seven numbers. For example, if your prior license number was 13-1A-0001234, your new license number would be 1A-0001234. Note that all seven digits following the category identifier must be entered when searching or inquiring on our website.

Can I enter brand registrations in MyTax Illinois?

Yes. MyTax Illinois allows brand registrations to be submitted in your account. Once you have logged onto MyTax Illinois, you will select the account number under which you want to submit the brand registration. Click “Brand Registration” on the left side of the page under Account Maintenance. Complete the required information and provide the attachments requested on the screen. Processing time for approval will be approximately 3 to 10 business days.

Can I renew a Special Use Permit or Special Event License in MyTax Illinois?

Yes. MyTax Illinois allows you to renew an Illinois Liquor Control Commission Special Use Permit or Special Event License from within your account. You will need to attach a copy of your local approval and certificate of insurance. Complete the required information and provide the attachments requested on the screen. Processing time for approval will be approximately 3 to 10 business days.

How do I grant others access to my MyTax Illinois account?

The primary user has two methods for granting others access to your company’s MyTax Illinois account. The first method is to create a secondary user ID, which enables another person to access your account without requiring them to set up their own primary account. The secondary user will have a unique user ID and password for your account. The primary user can set up multiple secondary users as needed.

The second method the primary user can use is to grant third-party access to your company’s MyTax Illinois account. This is typically used for a tax preparer. The third-party user must have their own MyTax Illinois account in order to access your account, and they are required to enter shared secret information to verify that they should have access to your account. If the third party is not registered for one of the taxes currently available in MyTax Illinois, they will not be able to create their own MyTax Illinois account or have access to yours through the third-party method. Any third-party you wish to grant access to who does not have their own MyTax Illinois account can still be granted access through the secondary user method described in this section.

As primary user, you control the settings for all access to your account. You can choose to allow other users only to view your tax account information, file returns, make payments, or to file and pay. The primary user will be responsible for any maintenance needed to secondary or third-party users.

What happens if our company needs to change the primary user?

The Illinois Department of Revenue can reset your company’s primary user on your MyTax Illinois account. For assistance with changing your company’s MyTax Illinois primary user, please call 217-785-3707.

What can I expect my liquor license account to look like in MyTax Illinois?

When filing your renewals, you will be required to provide attachments, such as a copy of your local liquor license, certificate of insurance, federal basic permit, and proof of officer changes. Providing this information electronically does change the appearance of the information during your filing session because it has been developed to save you time and to help ensure accuracy. You can expect to see some information pre-populated for you as well as the use of drop down menus, check boxes, and hyperlinks to make your filing experience more efficient. Note: Do not send paper copies of returns you have filed electronically.

Where can I find more information on MyTax Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Revenue has detailed information available on navigating through MyTax Illinois and how to access your account. Informational Bulletin FY2013-02 can be found on IDOR’s web site at A comprehensive Authentication Guide can also be found on the MyTax Illinois home page.


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