Arbitration Awards 2018

 Interest Arbitration Awards

Case Number
Date Issued
Arb. Ref: 17.318
Village of Richton Park and Illinois FOP Labor Council Edwin H. Benn, #710 1. Duration 2. Wages 3. Use of Part-time Officers 4. Sick Leave Use and Impact of Officer Involved Shooting 5. Prior Tentative Agreements 6. Retroactivity 7. Retention of Jurisdiction
Village of South Holland and Metropolitan Alliance of Police, Chapter #690 (Stipulated) Stephen L. Hayford, #711 1. Wages 2. Retroactivity 3. One-time Law Enforcement Equity Adjustment 4. Insurance 5. Alcohol and Drug Testing
FMCS #160816-56713-1
County of DuPage and Sheriff of DuPage County and Metropolitan Alliance of Police, DuPage County Sheriff's Police Chapter #126 Brian Clauss, #712 1. Sick Leave Accural (Union's offer) 2. Annual Sick Leave Payout (Union's offer) 3. Sick Leave Payout at Separation (Union's offer) 4. Benefit Continuation (Employer's offer) 5. Normal Work Hours (Union's offer) 6. Work Schedules by Unit (Employer's offer) 7. Automobile (Employer's offer) 8. Stipends (Employer offer) 9. Deputy in Charge Pay/FTO Stipends (Union's offer) 10. Entire Agreement (Employer offer) 11. PER 1-1 Sick Leave (Union's offer) 12. Workers Compensation (Employer's offer) 13. Benefit Continuation (Employer offer)
FMCS #17080-54778
City of Evanston and Evanston Firefighters Association Local No. 742 IAFF (Stipulated) Sharon K. Imes, #715 1. Duration and Renegotiations 2. Salary Schedule and Comp Bank Contribution 3. Group Insurance 4. Sick Leave 5. Post Employment Health Plan 6. Rate of Pay for Serving in Higher Rank 7. Maintenance of Service Levels
FMCS #: 170620-01981
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 700 and County of Lake and Sheriff of Lake County Martin H. Malin, #716 1. Step Increase (Employer's final offer)
FMCS No. 17-54514
City of Collinsville and Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council Mark W. Suardi, #717 1. Retroactive pay
FMCS #181012-00360
Village of Morton and Policemen's Benevolent & Protective Association Labor Committee Thomas F. Gibbons, #718 1. Wages (Union's final offer) 2. Health Insurance (Union's final offer) 3. Compensation Time (Employer's final offer) 4. Vacation Scheduling 5. Residency (Employer's final offer
FMCS #170412-01473-6
Village of Lake Bluff and Illinois FOP Labor Council Steven M. Bierig, #720 1. 2018 Wages (Union's offer) 2. Use of Part-Time Officers (Union's position)
FMCS #181102-01129, Arb. Ref. 18.067
Village of Swansea and Illinois FOP Labor Council Edwin H. Benn, #719 1. Wages (Village's offer)
City of Elmhurst and Elmhurst Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3541, IAFF Peter R. Meyers, #721 1. Health Benefit Plan (Union's proposal, status quo)
Village of Lyons and Illinois Council of Police Edwin H. Benn, #722 1. Time Off Requests (Union's position, status quo) 2. Vacation Week (Union's position, status quo)
City of Markham and International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 700 Martin H. Malin, #723 1. Wages (Union's final offer)
Arb. Ref.: 18.112
City of Streator and Illinois FOP Labor Council Edwin H. Benn, #724 1. Duration (Union's offer) 2. Wages (Union's offer) 3. Health Insurance (Union's offer) 4. Part-time Employees (Union's offer) 5. Education Stipend (Union's offer) 6. Prior Tentative Agreements 7. Retroactivity 8. Remand and Retuention of Jurisdiction
County of Edgar and Edgar County Sheriff and Illinois FOP Labor Council, Brian E. Reynolds, #725 1. Health Insurance (Employer's final offer) 2. Wages (Union's final offer)