Arbitration Awards 2021

 Interest Arbitration Awards

Case Number
Date Issued
FMCS 200103-02717
County of Marion and Sheriff of Marion County and Illinois FOP Labor Council Cynthia Stanley, #763 1. Wages (Union's final proposal) 2. Wage retroactivity (Union's final proposal) 3. Pay differentials (Union's final proposal) 4. Command wage retroactiviity (Union's final proposal)
County of Randolph and Sheriff of Randolph County and AFSCME, Council 31 Brian E. Reynolds, #756 1. Duration 2. Wage Schedule 3. Longevity Bonus 4.Compensatory Time
Arb. Ref: 20.233
County of McHenry and Sheriff of McHenry County and Illinois FOP Labor Council Edwin J. Benn, #755 1. Duration 2. Wage Increases 3. Health Insurance (status quo) 4. Impass Procedures 5. Compensatory Time Use (status quo) 6. Minimum Staffing-Communications and Court Security (status quo) 7. Weather-Related Closure
Village of River Forest and Illinois FOP Labor Council Edwin Benn, #757 1. arbitration of discipline (Union's proposal)
Cook County State's Attorney and Illinois FOP Labor Council Brian E. Reynolds, #758 1. Wages - Employer's final offer 2. Health Insurance Opt-out - Union's final offer
City of Geneva and IAFF Local 4287 Edwin H. Benn, #759 1. Duration 2. Wages 3. Drug and Alcohol Testing 4. Additional Holiday 5. Part-time and Paid On'Call Firefighter/Minimum Staffing 6. Prior Tentative Agreements
Arb. Ref.: 20.252
County of Cook and Sheriff of Cook County and Illiois FOP Labor Council Edwin H. Benn, #760 1. Serving criminal fugitive warrants
City of East St. Louis and Illinois FOP Labor Council Jacalyn J. Zimmerman, #761 1. Tentative Agreement - Wages
FMCS 210209-04156
Tazewell County Consolidated Communications and Illinois FOP Labor Council Carol J. Tidwell, #762 1. Wages including retroactivity (Employer's proposal) 2. Impasse Resolution (Employer's proposal) 3. Management Assisstance (Arbitrator's language) 4. Residency (Union's proposal) 5. Insurance coverage (resolved by ageement of parties) 6. Insurance carrier change (Arbitrator's language) 7. Insurance premiums (Employer's proposal as constructed by arbitrator) 8. Overtime (Arbitrator's language) 9. Comp Time (Employer's proposal)