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Carbondale Community Marks Memorial Day 

May 28, 2012
By Stephanie Tyrpak and Randy Livingston

CARBONDALE -- Memorial Day is a key part of Carbondale heritage. The city's Memorial Day history dates back to the 1860s, as a ceremony to honor fallen Union Soldiers.

Monday marked the city’s 144th service, and more than 100 people came out to remember the sacrifice of all U.S. service members.

The service at Woodlawn Cemetery featured the words of General John A. Logan and the paying of respects to the U.S. flag and historic graves.

The ceremony commemorated the cost of freedom and the value of those who have put their lives on the line.

"I think setting the standard starts with understanding what's involved with war,” said Lt. Governor Sheila Simon. “What's involved in the loss of a life."

Simon reflected on how each Illinois service member killed defending our country is tragic and how returning soldiers, past and present, need encouragement and aid to recover from the effects of war.

"That means support when they come back to go to school,” said Simon. “Support when they come back to work with, support when they come back to be our neighbors."

It's a thought that Carbondale Mayor Joel Fritzler hopes many will use to teach children and remind others of the importance behind the holiday.

"Hopefully, you know people will go home and share what experience they had today," said Fritzler.

Community leaders urged people to get involved in the government process so that the freedoms that so many died for, would not be taken for granted.