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Lawmakers Approve Strip Club Pole Tax 

WMBD TV Peoria
May 31, 2012
By Kim Behrens

It could soon cost strip clubs more to do business in Illinois if the governor approves...

Today, the Illinois House passed senate amendments, approving a plan to tax Illinois strip clubs... better known as the "pole tax."

It would require adult entertainment venues with alcohol to give a portion of their proceeds to sexual assault prevention centers.

Some lawmakers say there is correlation between strip clubs and domestic violence against women.

Club owners would have the option of paying three dollars per patron to the state, or paying a flat fee based on sales.

The bill was proposed by Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon.

She says the recent approval shows how two parties can work together towards a compromise.

"I have to give credit to the strip clubs owners because they negotiated with us, said Simon. "We've sat down and talked about what would work for you and they didn't say 'we're going to kill this,' they said we want to make it work."

The legislation is now on its way to Governor Pat Quinn for approval.

If signed, the pole tax would generate about two million dollars per year for rape crisis centers.