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  1. Lt. Governor

Office Overview 

Under the Illinois Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor holds the second highest executive office in Illinois and is first in line to succeed the Governor if he or she is unable to discharge the duties of the office. Over the course of Illinois history, six Lieutenant Governors have replaced Governors who died, resigned or were removed from office. Nationally, 2009 saw five Lieutenant Governors succeed sitting Governors, including Illinois' current Governor Pat Quinn.

The Illinois Lieutenant Governor's diverse daily duties are derived from the Governor, Legislature, statute and personal initiative. These duties include, but are not limited to, serving as chair of the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council, the Interagency Military Base Support and Economic Development Committee, and the three Illinois River, Mississippi River, and Wabash and Ohio Rivers Coordinating Councils. Lt. Governor Simon is leading efforts to protect our rural areas, military bases and waterways.

Lt. Governor Simon acts as the Governor’s point person on education reform, standing up for Illinois children and promoting quality pre-K to 20 instruction. She is working to increase college completion rates and chairs the Joint Educational Leadership Committee for the P-20 Council, the state's top education advisory group. She serves as the ambassador to Illinois Main Street, a downtown revitalization program, and has a long-time commitment to addressing and preventing violence, particularly against women and children. 

Under Lt. Governor Simon, the mission of the Lieutenant Governor's Office is to make government more accountable, accessible and transparent for the people of Illinois. Simon also is leading by example when it comes to financial disclosure, releasing annual financial profiles of herself and her senior staff that go above and beyond what is required by law. She works hard to protect taxpayer dollars and set her budget at a fraction of a percent of the state's overall spending, the lowest requested level since 1996.


Office of the Lt. Governor
214 State House
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-558-3085
Fax: 217-558-3094 


Office of the Lt. Governor
2801 W. Murphysboro Road
P.O. Box 100
Carbondale, IL 62903
Phone: 618-529-6452
Fax: 618-529-6455



Office of the Lt. Governor
James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph St., Ste. 15-200
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-814-5240
Fax: 312-814-5228