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Rural EMS Response May Improve 


WGIL Radio Galesburg
November 21, 2012

It only took 17 hearings, but State Representative Don Moffitt took part in recommendations that may improve rural E-M-S response times.

Moffitt along with Representative Lisa Dugan and Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon appeared yesterday to explain the recommendations of the EMT task force.

The hearings took place over the last year and recommend simplifying licensing for ambulances.

Moffitt said in the announcement that he and Dugan got to see a lot of Illinois during their hearings.

"The report that we're handing out is similar in format to a House task force on Fire protection funding from 2002," says Moffitt. "A lot of the similarities from what we learned in doing that, we've included in our efforts in holding these hearings around the state and identifying some issues and then coming back to address them."

The Task Force also discussed the implementation of new federal EMS educational standards.

Those call for emergency medical technicians to be able to use them in other states. Lt. Governor Simon says the measures are part of the Governors strategic plan for rural Illinois.