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Simon praises newly signed strip club tax 

WJBC Radio
August 18, 2012
By Paul Morello

BLOOMINGTON – Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon said Tuesday the state’s new strip club tax could raise as much as $1 million per year for rape crisis support services.

Gov. Pat Quinn recently signed the bill into law, which forces strip clubs that sell alcohol to pay a $3 per-person fee, or pay using a tiered system based on gross receipts.

The money will go to the Illinois Department of Human Services, which will then distribute the funding.

“We’ve now got a stable source of some funding for sexual assault centers that have been getting funding cuts over the last few years that have really caused them a problem,” Simon said.

The law is officially called the Live Adult Entertainment Facility Surcharge. Simon said there was some resistance from strip club owners, but they weren’t difficult to work with.

“In the end (strip club owners) didn’t support the bill, but they didn’t oppose it either,” Simon said. “When we started off, they were very much in opposition and we were able to reach a compromise through negotiations to get it to a point where they’re not happy about it, but they understand.”

Simon will be discussing the new law Wednesday at the 2012 National Sexual Assault Conference in Chicago.

The law takes effect Jan. 1, 2013.